New 'Homefront' Story Trailer Shows Occupied America

Homefront Story Trailer Uccupation America

The wait is getting shorter for fans of story-based shooters, with only months until they can get their hands on a title that brings not only stunning visuals, but an intense story line crafted by the writer of cinematic hits Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now. The game is Homefront, and its story places players not into the boots and fatigues of an elite war-fighter covertly operating in some distant battlefield, but into the jeans and sneakers of an American citizen defending their nation from an invading army.

The latest story trailer for Homefront takes a closer look at the North Korean military occupation, and the country that has been reduced to rubble. For those players expecting an easy fight, the strength of The Korean People's Army has some bad news.

Given the years of political coverage - and a little help from South Park - North Korea is not a difficult country to see as a potential aggressor. The trailer goes a bit deeper than assumptions, and it's clear that in the mind of writer John Milius an occupying force works in the same way, regardless of nation.

The previously released gameplay videos of THQ's newest shooter show that the singleplayer campaign itself looks spectacular as well as emotionally-jarring, but this newest trailer shows something new. Putting the player in the role of a patriot defending their country is sure to draw out some intense emotions, and this latest video gives players an idea of the physical state of their homeland and a closer look at the methods of their enemies. Have a look:


It's obvious that Homefront will likely be earning its M-rating, if these brief glimpses of the intense and heavy content are an indication that the game will be pulling no punches when it comes to violence. If the team at Kaos Studios manages to pull of the realism of war without getting bogged down in over-the-top action, then Homefront could be an interesting change from recent triple-A shooters.

The game isn't just for those who love drama and realism in video games, as proven by the abundance of tanks and choppers in the recent multiplayer trailers. There's no reason why good story and fun gameplay can't be available in the same box, and the ideas that the developers talked about in the last multiplayer diary sound promising.

There's no question that the team is committed to bringing an entertaining experience while breaking into new territory with Homefront's future history and locale. The team also sat down to explain their intentions with the game, and why they feel that Homefront is a game that more people should be keeping an eye on:


THQ seems to be setting a new business model for themselves, putting their clout behind what could be the most story-heavy shooter in recent years with Homefront, and the potentially groundbreaking game inSane from director Guillermo Del Toro. Whether these bets pay off, it's always a good thing to see story being valued along with gameplay.

The good news is that even though Homefront was delayed, interested players will only have to wait a few more months to get the opportunity to defend their digital country.

Homefront will see a release on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in March of 2011.

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