Deep Silver releases a brand new trailer for the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution, which shows off some gameplay footage as well as offers a look at the main character.

With the game set to release in just a little over a month, Deep Silver has released a new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution. A sequel to 2011’s Homefront, the latest trailer for Homefront: The Revolution shows gamers the state of the United States since the events of the first game, and also offers a brief look at its main character.

In Homefront: The Revolution, players take control of Ethan “Birdy” Brady, whose voice can be heard in the trailer’s narration. Brady is the youngest member of a resistance group fighting against the Greater Korean Republic, which has successfully captured Philadelphia in the fiction of Homefront: The Revolution.

In the trailer, Brady urges people to stand up and fight against their GKR oppressors. Brady apparently expects this to be done by mainly using fire, as the theme of this trailer is “Ignite,” and appropriately features plenty of flames and explosions throughout the streets of occupied Philadelphia.

Take a look at Homefront: The Revolution‘s latest trailer right here:

So far, public reception to the trailer has been mixed. At the time of this writing, the trailer has almost as many dislikes on YouTube as it does likes, which is never a good sign. This negativity possibly stems from the game’s visuals, which honestly look like they belong on previous generation hardware, as opposed to PS4, Xbox One, and modern day PCs.

When one considers that Homefront: The Revolution had a troubled development cycle, its underwhelming visual presentation comes as no surprise. However, most gamers will be able to forgive lackluster graphics if the gameplay is engaging enough, but if the reaction to the Homefront: The Revolution beta is any indication, fans may have concern to be worried about the gameplay as well.

The trailer features some gameplay, but not enough to really have an idea of how Homefront: The Revolution will play. After all, Homefront: The Revolution is an open world first-person shooter, but the trailer gives no indication that either of those gameplay features are present in the game at all. Open world games are all the rage these days, so it’s somewhat strange that Deep Silver chose not to emphasize Homefront: The Revolution‘s open world Philadelphia in the trailer.

Of course, we will reserve final judgment of the game until it actually releases, but this trailer probably didn’t do any favors for its public image. With Homefront: The Revolution losing its director in the middle of development and switching studios entirely, its issues are understandable, but with the game so close to release, it’s unlikely that any of its lingering problems will be fixed before launch.

Homefront: The Revolution will be available on May 17th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7