'Homefront' Single Player Campaign Takes About 5 Hours to Complete

Homefront Campaign Takes 5 Hours to Complete

In Kaos StudiosHomefront, players are dropped headfirst into a war fought on American soil.

While most figured that the battle to reclaim the suburban lifestyle would be a long an arduous one, an early review of the game reveals that the single player campaign for the game clocks in at somewhere around five hours.

Perhaps a disappointment to some, others will be quick to note that, though the single player offers only five hours of campaign (not necessarily a bad thing), there is a compelling, if not familiar, multiplayer experience that comes packaged in with Homefront — sure to deliver more than five hours worth of entertainment. Adding further credence to that point, the reviewer for PSM3 says that, though the short campaign was a disappointment, that frustration stemmed from a desire to play more of the game - rather than a lack of worthwhile content.

Already being compared to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Homefront has done a lot of things right in trying to mimic one of the more popular shooters to come out over the years. In both the multiplayer and the single player arena, Homefront shares many similarities with Call of Duty's flagship franchise - many might have a hard time differentiating the two but is that a bad thing?

While each Call of Duty title might take somewhere in a range similar to Homefront (around 6 hours) to complete - each one has provided enough thrills per minute that it feels like the same sort of high octane experience one would receive from a lengthier title.

In the competitive world of game development, it seems as if there is a pre-occupation with the lifespan of a popular title. While some, like Homefront, might boast an added multiplayer experience complete with all the bells and whistles that equal as many hours of fun as any gamer is willing to tolerate - others try to pack in enough single player content to warrant a $60 price tag.

Homefront Resistance Trailer

While both equally viable options, each one has their inherent pros and cons. Some might look at the game that has a short campaign, but the added boost of multiplayer, as a title that is surely worth purchasing because of the longevity that comes with an online offering. Others will look at that same game and perhaps opt only to rent the title and never give the multiplayer more than an hour of their time.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you approach a video game — whether you’re looking for a 40-hour or a 5-hour title — as long as the game provides an engaging experience from beginning to end, gamers are going to be interested in it - such is the case with Homefront.

Does hearing that Homefront’s campaign takes 5 hours to complete mitigate your enthusiasm for the game? Will multiplayer help make up for this perceived lack of game content?

Homefront releases March 11, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: PSM3 (via CVG)

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