Homefront: The Revolution Reveals New Trailer At Gamescom 2015

By | 1 year ago 

It’s been a long road for the Homefront franchise, but finally things seem to be stable. After financial complications impacted the production around every turn, and w ith limited options remaining with developer Crytek, Homefront: The Revolution publisher Deep Silver outright purchased the game from Crytek and set up a brand new studio (made up of the current developers) to continue work on the title.

With its troubles seemingly behind it, Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios have begun to push Homefront: The Revolution back into the spotlight. During Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference earlier today, a new trailer was shown off to the crowd.

Although the Homefront: The Revolution trailer featured no gameplay, it did bring gamers back up to speed with the American resistance. From the public eye, things appear happy and cheerful as the plans for a new America are revealed. Behind the scenes, however, a soldier nudges a child on stage to thank the occupiers for their kindness.

Quick edits highlight that not everything is as it seems, with average the KPA occupying force abusing its power against average citizens. However, as the situation escalates, the trailer shows people fighting back against the oppression in subtle ways like stealing parts and reconfiguring everyday devices. By the end, guerrilla warfare has broken out on the streets, finishing with a guerrilla soldier detonating a cache of bombs from a distant rooftop.

Homefront Street Battle

It’s been a long road for the Homefront follow up after its initial reveal during E3 2014, but with its reemergence on a large stage like Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference, it finally looks like the game is on track for release next year. After going dark for well over a year since its reveal, the game’s focus on breaking enemy control on an occupied Philadelphia appears to be intact.

While Crytek may no longer be involved with the game, the Dambuster staff still appears to understand what makes the franchise tick. Subversive social commentary was what made the original Homefront so appealing, it was just unfortunate that the finished game was so insubstantial. It’s a good sign then that Deep Silver is giving the game so much time to develop.

Another good sign is Deep Silver’s announcement that players will have two chances to demo the game in the coming months. First up will be a multiplayer beta, followed by a co-op demo exclusively for Xbox One gamers.

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Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for release in 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.