Deep Silver announces that an Xbox One exclusive beta for Homefront: The Revolution will begin on February 11 in addition to a new four player co-op mode called Resistance.

After revealing the new launch date for Homefront: The Revolution a few weeks ago, publisher Deep Silver has provided even more information about the upcoming shooter including a four player co-op mode called Resistance and when players can expect to participate in the Xbox One exclusive closed beta. A new trailer has also revealed more story elements about the co-op mode and preorder bonuses as well.

Resistance is a cooperative mode where up to four players can form a resistance cell and battle in a war torn version of Philadelphia against the occupying Korean People’s Army. Players will be able to partake in 12 narrative driven missions and look forward to another 20, which will be added throughout the first year as free downloadable content according to game director Hasit Zala. This mode will also allow players to fully customize their character and unlock new options including gear, abilities, and weapons by completing the various missions.

The Xbox One exclusive beta is set to begin on February 11 and run until February 14 with Resistance being featured, though it is unclear if anything else will be included. Stress tests are also planned for January 29 and February 5 to ensure server capacity is ready for the day one launch rush of players. Currently, beta access is restricted to only those who have signed up on the website or pre-ordered the game, which will also grant players the Revolutionary Spirit pack that includes weapons, skins, and a motorcycle.

It’s been a very long road for Homefront: The Revolution, which dealt with multiple delays, bouncing around between multiple companies like THQ and Crytek, until finally landing with Deep Silver and Dambuster Studio. While development has been difficult, the journey appears to be approaching its end after the new release date was leaked a few weeks ago thanks to a Target pre-order card followed by an official confirmation by Deep Silver.

Homefront: The Revolution sees the conflict between the KPA and occupied United States forces move from the west coast to Philadelphia where protagonist Ethan Brady leads a resistance movement against the foreign invaders. Despite sharing its name with the first game in the series, The Revolution is being positioned as a game that is completely new and Dambuster Studios is promising fans that there is a definitive reason why it’s not called Homefront 2.

Are you looking forward to jumping back into the world of Homefront or are you taking a wait and see approach due to the games tumultuous development cycle?

Homefront: The Revolution launches on May 17, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Homefront YouTube Channel