The latest Homefront: The Revolution trailer is a reintroduction to the Homefront setting, a United States that has been conquered and occupied by North Korea.

Among the titan games slated for release in May, it’s odd to say that Homefront: The Revolution is somewhat of a sleeper. The open world FPS is the second release in the Homefront franchise, but in many ways the world has forgotten (or wishes it could forget) the original game. Case in point: Deep Silver’s latest trailer for Homefront: The Revolution, titled “America¬†Has Fallen,” which reestablishes the fiction.

Homefront puts forth a premise that the United States has been invaded and occupied by the Greater Korean Republic, a force born from an alternative timeline where North Korea unites the peninsula under an authoritarian government. The America Has Fallen trailer partially explains why the GKR was able to so easily invade the United States, detailing both how the USA’s military was greatly weakened and how the GKR was able to attack with little resistance at first.

What the trailer doesn’t detail is the events of the first Homefront game, which are still taken into account and are a consideration in the story of Homefront: The Revolution. The west coast of the United States has been liberated from the GKR before the events of Homefront: The Revolution. The GKR has since established dominance of the east coast, with Philadelphia becoming their central base. That’s where the player comes in, participating in the “second revolution” in Philadelphia.

Although¬†Homefront had its share of fans upon release, there are likely plenty of gamers who need to be reacquainted with the set-up. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Deep Silver looks to have spent a good amount making such a polished trailer to do just that. Perhaps the trailer is taking itself a bit too serious, which was also an issue with the first game, but better that then making a joke out of the proceedings.

Really, though, it’s a miracle that this game exists at all. Having been originally announced as a THQ published game, being pushed through three different development studios before THQ closed, being sold to Crytek, who then went through their own turmoil and inevitably being bought by Deep Silver and given to new studio Dambuster… it’s all been an ordeal. Now to find out if it’s all been worth it.

Homefront: The Revolution will be available starting May 17 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.