'Homefront' Resistance Trailer Calls Citizens To Stand and Fight

Homefront Resistance Trailer

If you don't know already know about THQ's upcoming shooter Homefront, then consider this your last warning. While many games put their time into crafting over-the-top envrionments and set pieces, Kaos Studios is bringing the war home to the streets of middle America. The latest trailer shows that players won't merely be joining a resistance against Korean invaders, but fighting alongside citizens in a Second American Revolution.

There are now a handful of tentpole shooter releases hitting shelves every year, so it's becoming easier and easier for anything but the most established of franchises from getting some attention.

With a game written by the mind behind Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now, Homefront has certainly gotten the story taken care of, and the developers are looking to one of the PCs greatest games for inspiration, so all signs point to a quality release.

Kaos has previously released some videos to give fans an idea of the game's story, and this latest trailer is meant to stir up the patriotic sentiments in all of us, and get us clamoring for a chance to defend our own homeland.

Check out the latest trailer, titled 'Resistance,' and prepare yourselves to become one of America's heroes:


It's almost impossible to understate just how much of a potential minefield the shooter genre has become in past years. To really compete with the top-level competition, a game has to boast impressive graphics, seamless and bug-free gameplay, a strong multiplayer component, and a powerful marketing campaign to boot.

It's still early days, but Homefront is looking to have many of the bases covered. The gameplay videos we've seen show that the graphics aren't lacking any polish, the multiplayer component seems to be well-designed, and THQ doesn't have many horses in the race, so Homefront shouldn't be hurting for publicity.

Even the most promising of games have ended up falling on their face, but even if Homefront doesn't turn out to be the game we all hope it will be, this trailer proves that the story will most likely be one of the strongest components.

How much story do you want in your shooter? Is the emphasis on the single player campaign over multiplayer a sign that shooters don't have to be defined by their weapons?

Homefront arrives to answer all of our questions on March 15, for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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