Pre-order 'Homefront', Get a Free OnLive Console

Pre-order Homefront Get a Free OnLive Console

There have been some pretty sweet pre-order deals dropping lately. Incentives like free DLC, beta invites and bonus items have been some of the perks to pre-ordering a few of 2011's anticipated titles. Homefront, on the other hand, is switching it up and offering a free OnLive console if you reserve your copy in advance.The only way to take part in this perk is to pre-order via the OnLive service. You'll need to sign up for an OnLive account, which is free, and pre-order the game within the service between February 25th and March 14th. Once the order is placed, a promotional code will be emailed to you with another bonus - Metro 2033 free of charge. Once Homefront hits shelves on March 15th, another promotional code will hit your inbox with a $99 discount on the OnLive system, bringing the price to zero. You will, however, have to cover applicable tax and shipping fees.

CEO of OnLive, Steve Perlman, is excited about this promotion and how it will benefit OnLive subscribers:

This is a watershed event: It’s the first time a game system has ever been given away with the purchase of a game. Homefront is one of the biggest games coming out this quarter, and we wanted gamers to see just how incredible is to have the hottest title playable with the instant-play, massive spectating experience on their HDTV that is only possible through OnLive. So, for the same money you’d spend pre-ordering Homefront on any platform, gamers get the platform with the game (and Metro 2033 to keep you busy till launch date). Quantities are limited. Get ‘em while their hot!

Receiving hardware for pre-ordering a title is definitely a nice perk, especially in this particular bonus the OnLive service has some great features. The only catch is that you will be pre-ordering the OnLive version of the game and most gamers are anticipating the home-hitting title for their dedicated HD consoles that they've spend countless hours on. It will be interesting to see if the free hardware will sway gamers to experience this title via OnLive over their PCs or consoles.

Homefront is set to release on March 15th for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and OnLive.

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