'Homefront' Multiplayer is Large Scale Warfare in Developer's Diary

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Kaos Studios released a development diary detailing the online multiplayer component of their upcoming title, Homefront. The video goes over a lot of familiar systems seen in most online FPS games today, such as experience points, vehicles, and progressive maps.

In between the talky bits, gameplay is also visible and it looks pretty decent, considering the game has quite a ways to go until it's going to be released. Hopefully, the time given to Kaos studios will allow them to make this a game that will catch players and critics by surprise. Have a peek at the video below and check it out for yourself.


The team's multiplayer goal seems pretty lofty: instead of just creating a large scale warfare experience, they plan to become the leader in that genre. Kaos Studios is gunning pretty hard for Battlefield's title right now. They're aiming at creating a tight and intuitive multiplayer experience, but for all intents and purposes a lot of good online shooters already seem to do that.

The Battle Points system in Homefront seems to be a more unique take on an XP-based reward system. Yes, players get rewarded with Battle Points as they complete actions like killing enemies, capturing objectives, and assisting allies, but they are able to use those points immediately in the match without waiting for the game to be over. The real question is, will those items be delivered in a "realistic" manner within the game (via a care package or airdrop) or will they just pop up and appear magically? It is a near-future setting, yes, but we have seen no evidence of teleportation technology yet.

Ground Control, a gameplay concept that some of you may already be familiar with, feels like it's going to be the heart of Homefront's multiplayer. In a game where players have access to tanks, helicopters, and other tools that help reign destruction down on the enemy, what better way to portray that than with a "capture the base" game? Even more, what better way to play those types of games than with dedicated servers that will support up to 32-players on console?

Interested in seeing more gameplay from Homefront? Check out these videos and take a look-see at the multiplayer trailer for the game, as well.

Homefront brings the battle home March, 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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