'Homefront' Multiplayer Details: Battle Commander & Battle Points

Homefront Multiplayer Details Battle Commander Battle Points

While most of the focus of Homefront's marketing campaign has been on the single player portion of the alternate reality first person shooter, developer Kaos Studios wants gamers to know they are working on a complete package that will satisfy every gamer.

Similar to what is found in Call of Duty: Black Ops, customization in Homefront's multiplayer is rooted in Battle Points. By performing various actions within the multiplayer — killing enemies and capturing objectives among other things — the player earns Battle Points that can then be spent on items that will assist with battle. Okay, that actually sounds a lot like Black Ops’ COD points.

What sets Homefront's Battle Points apart from what is found in Black Ops is how they are utilized within the context of the multiplayer. In the world of Homefront, those Battle Points earned throughout a match can be spent on items that will be useful for that specific match. Items like new weapons or vehicles are only available to players who have accumulated enough of the game’s virtual cash in a single match. There currently is no word as to whether or not Homefront will have a multiplayer currency that will carry over.

Battle Commander is a feature that adds several tasks for the player to complete within the moment-to-moment events of Homefront’s multiplayer. Throughout a multiplayer match, the Battle Commander will assign various sub-objectives that the team can then complete for added battle points.

Say, for example, there is a particularly strong player on the opposing team who is making quick work of your teammates. If you can get to and eliminate that player, the Battle Commander will reward you with a bounty that can be spent on some of the aforementioned goodies.

Obviously, Homefront’s multiplayer is taking more than a few pages from the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, but if you are going to copy from someone, it’s smart to copy from the best. Boasting matches of up to 32 simultaneous players, Homefront has a well rounded package, with both a compelling single player campaign and a multiplayer experience that is on the surface familiar, but packed with exciting new features underneath.

It might be an extra week that players are going to have to wait for the title, but based on what has been shown of the game, it will be well worth it.

What do you think of the Battle Points and Battle Commander? Do you think they do enough to separate the multiplayer of Homefront from all the other titles that are out there?

Homefront releases March 15, 2011, for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: G4TV

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