'Homefront' Launch Trailer Ignites the Revolution

Homefront Launch Gameplay Trailer

The launch of Kaos Studios' pull-no-punches shooter Homefront is only a few short days away, so to give players one more taste of the kind of emotion and anger that will fuel the game's narrative, they've released what may be the best trailer for the game yet. Homefront's previous story trailers showed just how integral the potential future plot would be to the moment-to-moment action, but the launch trailer's gameplay and music are finally getting the adrenaline flowing, by injecting a little bit of classic Hollywood into the action.

Helicopter combat and classic rock and roll immediately conjure up images of Apocalypse Now, which makes sense since the film's writer is responsible for Homefront's story. John Milius' bitingly satiric and critical prose may not have seemed a perfect fit for a FPS, but the attitude and emotional drama glimpsed in the launch trailer shows gamers what they've been missing.

We know that players will take the role of an American citizen fighting a Korean occupation of the homeland, and the latest live-action trailer for Homefront shows that the developers aren't afraid of exploring even the most troubling or disturbing implications of that scenario.

But to see how Kaos plans on sucking players into the battle to defend the town of Montrose, Colorado, we now have a look at the mix of close-up horror, fierce patriotism, and unleashed vengeance that Homefront will offer when it hits store shelves next week.

Be warned, the following trailer is for a Mature-rated video game:


There's nothing that gets the blood pumping like a thirst for vengeance and electric guitar. If we didn't know better, we might think that the developers are showing us the very best bits of the game in an effort to convince gamers everywhere that Homefront will be a non-stop action thrill-ride. But, we know that's not the case.

The game has already received a fair share of positive buzz, being praised for its embracing of mature and realistic content. It shouldn't come as a surprise, since Kaos lists Half-Life as their greatest influence, even if Valve's title greatly overshadows Homefront's five-hour campaign.

Regardless of how much time players will choose to spend inside the future America of THQ's newest shooter, these trailers imply that there is as much emotional impact as their is combat within the singleplayer campaign, which could more than make up for a shorter experience.

What's your take on the launch trailer? Does it get you even more excited to step into the shoes of a soldier in America's Second Revolutionary War, or have you already made up your mind on Homefront?

We won't have to wait long to see if the finished product lives up to the hype, as Homefront will be released on March 15 for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and OnLive.

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