'Homefront' Gameplay Videos Will Have You Counting The Days Until Release

Homefront Story Trailer and Gameplay Videos

It's obvious to even a casual observer of the games industry that there is absolutely no shortage of action-packed, bullet-fueled shooters these days. Some of them even feature enough action and bullet-fueled multiplayer to set incredible records. There is one thing that many of these games fail to do, and that is elicit a strictly emotional response from a player.

By placing a player in the shoes of a super-soldier, any connection to the real world has to be severed. One game plans to bring the action to the world you know in the most dramatic way possible, and that is Homefront.

A year ago it seemed that the shooter genre had become one of the most predictable. The powerhouses Call of Duty and Halo led the pack, with various other titles like Gears of War, Killzone, and Resistance being given second billing, at least in terms of sales.

THQ has now entered the fray, and are bringing a project to the table that seems to get more and more intriguing with every passing day. Homefront lives up to its name, by bringing a massive military crisis to the backyards and street of suburban America. The development team at Kaos Studios are absolutely dedicated to not just providing an intense, compelling, and evocative gaming experience, but telling a story that just isn't seen in today's action titles.

Aside from having an incredibly compelling storyline, the game appears to be a competent shooter. Actual extended footage of the game has been difficult to come by for those who didn't get the chance to attend E3 or other private previews. The developers have released a video of the multiplayer portion of the game, rendered completely in-game, but the graphics did not result in overwhelming approval.

Now some gameplay videos have surface and while brief, they do give a look at a game that features much better graphics and gameplay than many may have been predicting. Be warned that the videos do contain graphic content:




These looks at the game are proof positive that Homefront will be a serious emotional and brutal story, which may turn some people off. The gameplay looks far smoother and clearer than previous looks, which only allows the suburban setting to stand out even more. While Modern Warfare 2 embraced the Red Dawn-like notion of fighting a foreign invader in  our own backyards, it was but a small part of a much larger game. Even with only a small section given to fighting in familiar territory the action took on a very different feeling and tone, so an entire game set within heartland America should be able to create an even stronger experience.

The actual game looks just different enough from the most popular titles to feel like a new experience, and being treated as a prisoner in your own city will make sure of that. Our time with the game left us excited and anxious to see more, so our expectations are already substantial, and growing by the minute.

Homefront has unfortunately been delayed until the spring of next year, but if this is a sign of what Kaos has already managed to put together, then as far as we're concerned, they can take all the time they need.

We'll have the opportunity to take on North Korea in the parking lot of your favorite lumber supplier when Homefront is released in March of 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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