'Homefront' DLC to Start as Xbox 360 Exclusive

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Homefront, the new first person shooter from Kaos Studios, tells a story that appeals to the universal fear in all citizens: foreign invasion. Though the story itself might be universal, it looks like the game experience might not be so universal across all platforms. Microsoft's Major Nelson announced today that any Homefront DLC will first appear on the Xbox 360, and then potentially make its way to the other consoles.

While this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise, considering Microsoft's proclivity for securing exclusive DLC, it does come as a shock to learn that a fledgling title like Homefront is following the suit of larger franchises. Just starting out as a potentially successful shooter franchise, it seems that Homefront publisher THQ would want as many gamers as possible to both play the game and download its DLC.

On top of the exclusive DLC, Xbox 360 owners will also have access to a whole new multiplayer map titled “Suburbs.” It really seems like Xbox 360 is the way to go for picking up Homefront.

One unfortunate fact that may take the wind out of the sails for Xbox 360 owners is that those who buy Homefront used will still have to purchase an Online Pass in order to complete the level progression. Though the first five levels will be unlocked in the pre-played version of the game, the remaining 70 will come as part of a $10 pass. Hopefully, if THQ is smart, they will make the $10 online pass work as a form of down payment on one or two of the DLCs.

Even more disconcerting is the fact that PS3 and PC owners will have to fork over the same $10 knowing that their used copy will have access to the very same DLC, sans “Suburbs,” much later. Sure, achievements and DLC exclusivity have been able to skew the market habits of gamers towards the Xbox 360, but that is on an even playing field. For those gamers that wait to hear a critical verdict on a game and then purchase it used, there is less incentive to pick up Homefront.

As one of the most unique first person shooters on the horizon, especially with a lot of sequels in the pipeline, Homefront is looking to be one of the most emotional experiences of the year. Telling the story of the United States under occupation from a very real enemy, there is the potential for Homefront to break some new ground. It is, however, unfortunate that the groundbreaking will occur in stages and with a few limitations.

Will you be purchasing Homefront for the Xbox 360 now that DLC exclusives have been announced? Have the Online Pass and DLC exclusives put a damper on your interest in the title?

Homefront releases March 8 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and OnLive.

Source: Eurogamer

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