Kaos Studios Confident DLC & Multiplayer Will Drive 'Homefront' Sales

Kaos Studios Confident DLC & Multiplayer Will Help Homefront Sales

Kaos Studios' latest title Homefront has been surrounded with negative press since publisher THQ saw a massive dip in its stocks during the first day of Homefront's release. This didn't stop it from selling a total of 375,000 copies in North America alone during its launch day.

This relatively impressive success was almost mired by a second day price drop that came out of left field. Many were quick to assume that the price drop was a result of failure by the new IP, but THQ later clarified that it was just the retailers trying to capitalize on the release of a new game.

Kaos Studios doesn't seem to be affected by any of the drama associated with reaching THQ's break-even point of 2 million units sold. Instead, Kaos is focusing on the future of Homefront as General Manager David Votypka revealed during an interview with CVG.

With Homefront requiring a pass for players to fully enjoy online play, the topic of used games has been a rather touchy when it comes to Homefront. Votypka is confident that it may not even be an issue that affects the majority of the player-base, since most gamers will want to keep the game anyway.

"I think the multiplayer and the length of that, plus the upcoming DLC is a strong reason to keep the game. The multiplayer has a fairly long unlock tree, it has a lot of replayability and certainly we're going to support the title with DLC as well going forward. So I think there will be a pretty strong reason to keep Homefront in the disc tray."

Not much is known of the Homefront DLC yet, apart from an exclusivity contract with Microsoft that would see the DLC reach Xbox 360 owners first. Votypka maintains that the product stands on its own merits regardless.

"You have to have a strong single-player and multiplayer component for $60. We feel that ultimately we wanted to make a game that people felt, 'yes, I want to spend my $60 on that product.' We think what we're delivering in Homefront is really compelling and also a lot of fun."

Homefront's campaign was highly criticized for being only 5 hours long. Ultimately, its up to the gamer to decide if Homefront's unique story about the occupation of America by a unified Korea is worth their money. Kaos's claim that the multiplayer helps make Homefront a solid choice may not be unfounded, as it has somehow escaped the same intense scrutiny the single player campaign has suffered, instead garnishing some compliments.

Do you agree that Kaos has provided a compelling product, or is Homefront just another splash in a massive ocean of first person shooters?

Homefront's battle for America started in North America earlier this week on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and OnLive with a European release today bringing more gamers into the resistance. Our review of Homefront should help you decide if this is going to be your fight.

Source: CVG

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