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There's no lack of shooter video games coming out this year, but Homefront manages to stand out from the pack. Instead of telling a story of anti-terrorist action, like so many FPS games have been doing, Homefront seeks to hit gamers in the heart by bringing the fight to the United States of America. THQ and Kaos Studios has given us a peek inside of the world of their new game on a section of the official site called "Inside the Occupation."

The page has some short teaser videos as well as photographs showing "the truth about the occupation of America."

These are taken from an unnamed photojournalist who describes himself as being a part of the "Voice of Freedom."

I’m an operative for the Voice of Freedom, an underground network dedicated to broadcasting the truth about the occupation of America.

It’s been 2 years since this country fell into the dark ages and I’ve journeyed across parts of occupied America, witnessing firsthand the struggle and horror of life within this warzone.

I fear my days are numbered. I have to share the truth about what I’ve seen and what’s really happening in what was once the greatest country on earth.

I don’t agree with or condone everything documented here.  All of it is honest.  Let each individual decide.

If your blood is stirred by what you see here, join us in the Resistance.  Let freedom ring!

It's interesting that the developers are primarily showcasing the game's story, a move that probably stems from the Half-Life influence. There's a clear intent to appeal to deep patriotic emotions in this game - which they are doing admirably - even though the main premise of the game is slightly far-fetched (or is it?).

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2011 has a large number of sequels releasing and it will be something of a challenge for Homefront to compete with the more established titles such as Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty. However, with their compelling set of Homefront gameplay trailers, we believe Homefront has the potential to become one of the great new flagship titles for THQ.

Here's a brief look into part of the history of Homefront, the bombing of Salt Lake City on May 16th, 2026:


The plot, penned by John Milius (known for writing the films Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now), promises to be a thrill ride that will take us from the darkest, worst side of humanity to the heroic side as well. In addition, Kaos Studios hasn't neglected the growing emphasis on multiplayer in video games. Homefront's multiplayer promises to be pretty solid stab at Battlefield's territory. In addition, they've included a unique multiplayer points system to encourage players to keep playing the multiplayer for hours on end.

Homefront appears to be firing on all cylinders: story, gameplay, multiplayer, marketing, and an original setting to make it stand out from the crowd. THQ is giving us a lot of reasons to part with our cash on March 15th. As you ponder these promotional pictures, tell us: Do you think Homefront could be the next big thing?

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