Game Rant's 2010 Mobile Holiday Gift Guide

Game Rant 2010 Holiday Mobile Gift Guide

There is no doubt that today's best mobile devices are among some of the items on Christmas lists this year. From Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to the various Android handsets, there lies an endless supply of mobile games in their respective app stores.If you are picking up one of these devices for a lucky recipient, why not personalize the gift by preloading some games to sweeten the deal? The good news is we're here to make it easy and help you find the best titles for this holiday season.

Fruit Ninja iOS Android

Fruit Ninja - Simple yet addictive. There are a few different modes in Fruit Ninja. Classic has you slice as many fruit as you can without slicing a bomb or missing three fruit. Zen mode has no obstacles except for the time clock. In one minute and thirty seconds you have to slice as much fruit as possible. Arcade mode introduces three magic bananas - the freeze banana (slows down the speed), the double points banana, and the frenzy banana which triggers massive amounts of fruit to launch on screen. You can also battle friends in multiplayer mode. In all modes, you get more points for combos, slicing as much fruit in one swipe as you can. Throughout the game you can unlock new backgrounds and blades, bringing a simple customization to the game. A great gift for just .99 cents in the Apple and Android app stores.

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Cut the Rope iOS

Cut the Rope - This was the first app to knock Angry Birds from it's perch, at least for a little while. A box is left at your doorstep with the simple instructions to "Feed with Candy". Inside the box is a little monster who is hungry for the candy hanging on a rope out of reach. In this puzzle game, you need to get the candy to the monster by cutting the rope at the right moments and using traits of the environment to feed the little guy. There are bubbles to move the candy in, gravity switches, launchers, connecting ropes and more. Additionally, you can try and collect all three stars in each level for bonus points. There are different box themes that house 25 levels in each, with obstacles and set pieces relative to the theme. Box it up for .99 cents, or try the free holiday version in the Apple app store. Cut the Rope is coming soon for Android. Check out our review of Cut the Rope.

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Plants vs Zombies iOS Android

Plants vs. Zombies - Another popular title this year, Plants vs. Zombies is an original take on tower defense games. Using an arsenal of attack and defense plants, you must defend your house from hoards of attacking zombies. In order to place your plants you must collect certain amounts of sunlight for each plant. Each level introduces zombies with different attributes, obstacles and variables such as fog and pools, and new plants with different offensive and defensive mechanisms. Upon completion of the game, you can also play a good amount of minigames to fulfill your zombie appetite. $2.99 in the Apple app store, and heading to Android next year. Check out our review of Plants vs. Zombies.

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Rock Band Reloaded iOS

Rock Band Reloaded - Save some space around the tree by giving the mobile version of the popular rhythm game. The mobile iteration packs in guitar, bass, drums and vocals, with over 25 free songs to jam to. Play a quick gig in Quick Play, jump on the bus with World Tour or take on your friends in Multiplayer. Upgraded from the first Rock Band mobile release, you can actually sing the vocals instead of tapping thanks to the included voice recognition. World Tour brings you to six cities, playing 36 events to build up fans and unlock achievements. With Facebook integration, you can challenge your friends to beat your high score. Rock Band Reloaded is $4.99 in the Apple app store, with an optional mix of free and paid track packs.

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Infinity Blade Update Free

Infinity Blade - This is a mobile game for gamers. Developed by ChAIR Entertainment and Epic Games, behind games like Gears of War, Infinity Blade is the best looking game on the iOS. The story is built on avenging the death of the warrior's father by defeating top soldiers of a castle, leading up to the God King. Win or lose, you move on to the next bloodline and repeat the process, all while keeping your level, attributes, items and experience. The game features RPG elements such as looting and character customization. With the gold you acquire, you can purchase new armor, weapons, magic rings and shields. Future updates will include additional items, new enemies, more areas and multiplayer. $5.99 in the Apple app store and worth every cent.

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Angry Birds iOS Android

Angry Birds - You've most likely heard of Angry Birds, if not already played it. Now on both iOS and Android, Angry Birds is arguably the most popular mobile title of late. The premise is simple, you take the side of the birds whose eggs were stolen by pigs. The objective is to destroy all of the pigs in each level, who are holed up in forts made of wood, stone, ice, snow, etc. You are armed with various birds with different power ups from boomerang, speed, bombs and more. The title is regularly updated with additional levels, and they've even created a spin-off called Angry Birds Seasons which updates with levels based on the time of year. The Seasons version launched for Halloween, and now has the Christmas levels with each level unlocking in advent calendar form. A load of levels and fun, and only 99 cents for either version on iOS, or free on Android with ad support. If the mobile gamer in your life already has a strong Angry Birds addiction, you could always pick up some Angry Birds plush toys at $14.99 each, so you can recreate your own levels out of couch cushions!

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Hopefully these recommendations are enough to get you started on some mobile game gift ideas. Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments below and let us know what great gift ideas we missed!

If the mobile gamer you are shopping for has console gaming on their wish list as well, don't forget to check out out 2010 Holiday Gift Guides for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

Have a happy, safe and game filled holiday!

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