New Hitman Delayed Out of 2015

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2015 has been a mixed year for the barcode marked hitman known as Agent 47. Initial impressions of the latest title in the assassination franchise, creatively titled Hitman, were primarily of shoulder shrugs and head scratching.

The game is said to be an “ever evolving” title that will be supported by missions released after the title launches, leading many to accuse the game of being a DLC-reliant cash grab. On top of this, Hitman: Agent 47, the latest cinematic interpretation of the Hitman franchise, received less than stellar reviews and bombed at the box office. Perhaps sensing that 2015 wasn’t going well for the bald assassin, developer IO Interactive has revealed that Hitman is being pushed back into 2016.

Originally slated for release in December of 2015, IO Interactive took to the game’s official blog to reveal that Hitman will not release until March of 2016. Citing Hitman as “the biggest venture we’ve ever undertaken,” IO Interactive conceded that there is simply too much work to be completed on the game before release, leading to the developer opting to push the game back instead of compromising their ideals and releasing a half-finished game.

IO intends to use the extra months to put the finishing touches on various aspects of the game, along with adding additional launch content to the title. The developer also says the delay will allow them to fine tune the release schedule for post-launch content for the game, ensuring Hitman will be supported with plenty of updates.

Hitman infographic

Realizing the news would likely be met with moans and grumbles, IO opted to show gamers just what kind of work is going into Hitman. In the same blog post announcing the title’s delay, IO included an infographic highlighting the scope of the game.

While the previous entry in the series Hitman: Absolution, received criticism for its relatively linear approach to assassination, the infographic for Hitman reveals that the levels will be crammed with plenty to see and do. The level highlighted in the infographic, which IO refers to as “Paris – The Showstopper,” reveals that the map will include over 100 accidents that can be triggered, 70 challenges that can be completed, and over 300 unique targets that inhabit the level.

While IO seems dedicated to delivering a Hitman game that stays true to its roots, the decision to support the title with DLC “episodes” has left many fans nervous for the end product. However, publisher Square Enix Europe’s CEO Phil Rogers has assured fans that the game won’t be released “unfinished,” saying in an interview with GamesIndustry International:

“Gamers don’t want unfinished content, so we’re being very clear. This is going to be AAA, polished Hitman as you’d expect. But we can continue to create experiences, so the world only expands. We’re experimenting.”

When Hitman finally releases digitally in 2016, fans will finally get to see whether this experiment will pay off and bring the franchise back to its glory days or if, like Agent 47 himself, the experiment proves misguided and ultimately fatal.

Source: Hitman Blog