Agent 47 Voice Actor Pitches Hitman as Pokemon GO Type Game

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With the future of Hitman looking bright given the success of its episodic content model, it isn't too early to wonder exactly what's next for Agent 47. David Bateson, the man behind the composed, chilling voice of Agent 47, shared a very intriguing possible direction for the series with Game Rant during an interview.

During the interview, Bateson offered up some insight he has gained into both his character and the Hitman series over the 17 years he has been involved with the games. All of that experience has given him a keen sense for Hitman and, in particular, what the future of the series could look like, and Bateson suggested that Hitman could be the perfect choice to capitalize on a Pokemon GO-style approach to mobile gaming:

"With virtual reality knocking on the door of game developers - who knows. Wouldn't it be extraordinary if a single-person shooter game could use the GPS technology of Pokemon GO to develop an almost live-action version of a Hitman level, where the player had to avoid being discovered in order to get close to the target - where the target had the ability to spot you before you got too close."

While Bateson was quick to add that the idea was "just a thought off the top of my head", it isn't a stretch to imagine that the concept has already been discussed, however lightly, at IO Interactive. After all, the Hitman series has already begun to blur the lines between fantasy and reality by offering up celebrity contracts, and implementing GPS functionality and the alternate reality game approach of Pokemon GO into a game based around assassination sounds like a recipe for success.

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That isn't to say that it will happen, of course, and Bateson himself lamented that a Pokemon GO-style Hitman title "might cause chaos in the streets, though." Given that the episodic content in the newest Hitman has already been well-received and Hitman GO already exists, it is possible gamers simply see an upgrade to the latter should IO and Square Enix decide to pursue mobile gaming even further.

For now, Bateson, along with the rest of us, will have to simply dream of a world where Hitman meets Pokemon GO on mobile devices. Given the risks that Square Enix has been taking lately, however, it doesn't seem entirely outside the realm of possibility that the future of Hitman could head in that direction after all.

Hitman is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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