Rumor: Hitman Series to Continue as IO Interactive Retains Rights

The Hitman franchise may live on as series developer IO Interactive has reportedly retained the rights. The suggestion follows the recent announcement by publisher Square Enix that it is looking to sell off IO Interactive.

Speaking to German publication GameStar, "reliable circles" have apparently confirmed that the franchise's license will stay with IO Interactive rather than staying with Square Enix as some had assumed it would. The publication also claims that season two of Hitman is "definitely" coming. The second season of the game is said to be "halfway to completion" though it will "probably" go on a break for 2018.


Although the publication says that it "can not reveal any further details on the origin of this information," it does say that the info is "reliable and secure." Moreover, it states that IO Interactive itself plans to "officially comment" on the future of the Hitman series next week. It has been pointed out that Denmark, which is where the developer calls home, is currently on holiday from now through the weekend which is perhaps why it hasn't commented on the matter sooner.

The information, though currently unsubstantiated, is wonderful news for Hitman fans who feared that the series would now be dead in the water. With Square Enix looking to shift ownership of the series' custodian and with the publisher not having suggested who would take it over in IO Interactive's absence, many assumed that this meant that the Hitman franchise would end.

It's also great news for those enjoying the current game and hoping to see more of it and its regular kill targets. IO Interactive apparently has (or at least had) three seasons of Hitman planned meaning that if the game's timeline was to end at season one, it would be incredibly premature. Now, though, the developer has the chance to finish what it started and possibly set up the future of the franchise. With the series now safely and soundly in its hands and with no publisher to answer to, IO Interactive could go anywhere with it and has the power to start planning plenty of games or seasons ahead.

Hitman is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameStar

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