Hitman Gameplay Video Leaks from Closed Alpha

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The Hitman series has been a favorite of gamers for close to 15 years, entertaining players with its intuitive gameplay and flexibility when it comes to its major kills. While the games allow for players to simply barge in with guns blazing, it is the search for the perfect assassination that makes each game so fascinating. Fans of the series will remember Hitman: Blood Money’s “You Better Watch Out” mission, which let them shoot out the bottom of a hot tub and send its occupants to a grisly end.

While there aren’t details about how IO Interactive is going to top missions like those, information about the Hitman Closed Alpha is leaking out like it was being held in Blood Money‘s hot tub as well.

In a video posted today, Youtube user Synn Trey shows about four minutes of gameplay from the Hitman Closed Alpha. In it, Agent 47 can be seen arriving at and exploring a high-end fashion show, red carpet and all. Unfortunately, the player has no idea who Agent 47’s target is supposed to be, and is thus resigned to wandering the beautifully rendered interior of the mission zone. Eventually the player has Agent 47 hip toss a few guests before the guards finally gun him down for blowing his cover.

It’s not the most exciting look at gameplay, but the game’s release is still a ways off. IO Interactive plans to let gamers start buying the new Hitman as of December 8 using what they’re calling a “live” campaign, where new maps, objectives, and assassination targets will be added over time. IO Interactive even plans to have limited-time hits, where players will have 48 hours to figure out how to achieve the perfect kill on a target. Of course, if players want to buy the whole game, there will be a static package of all the content available once the campaign ends.

Hitman Alpha Leak 1

The new Hitman game will have a lot of momentum built up before it hits in December. With a Hitman movie slated for release in late August and rumors of a new Hitman multiplayer game in the works, the franchise is going to have a spotlight on it for the foreseeable future. Well-respected industry giant Square Enix will also be publishing the franchise’s new installment, so fans have every reason to believe it can live up to the hype. With any luck, more information will arrive soon, but for now, the Hitman Alpha looks great.

The new Hitman will be released digitally on December 8, and will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Gamesradar