Play The First Level Of Hitman For Free on Xbox One, PS4, and PC


Now that developer IO Interactive is an independent studio, it seems the company is celebrating its independence by making the first episode of Hitman available to anyone for free across all platforms. The news comes by way of a new Hitman trailer that shows Agent 47 in action and invites everyone to experience the challenge and enjoyment of a master assassin.

The best part about the free offer is that it isn’t a limited time event. Rather, from here on out, anyone who wants to dip their toe in the world of Hitman can experience the beginning of the episodic game and see what they think. IO Interactive is undoubtedly hoping those who experience the first mission won’t be able to stop and will purchase the remaining episodes.

It’s a positive development considering the entire Hitman franchise seemed in danger of ending just a month ago when Square Enix announced it wanted to sell the studio. Fortunately, after what seems to have been stiff negotiations, IO Interactive was able to go fully independent and retain control over the Hitman IP, allowing the company to move forward with new Hitman titles.

The timing of IO Interactive’s offer for a free Hitman episode likely isn’t just due to the company’s recent independence. The studio has been dropping a significant amount of new content for Hitman over the course of this month, including new escalation and elusive contracts, new featured contracts, and a major game update.

For those who haven’t experienced the various elusive or escalation contracts in Hitman, they are a unique experience that Hitman fans really enjoy. Among the more prominent special contracts came over the holidays, when players got a chance to take on Home Alone’s Harry and Marv, ending the Wet Bandits’ run for good.


While this month’s special contracts may not have such recognizable names, they still look to offer a challenge to gamers that tests their abilities as Agent 47. IO Interactive is likely hoping the promise of new content plus a free stab at the game will get more players engaged in the title.

Now that IO Interactive is independent, it’ll be interesting to see what the studio has planned for the Hitman series going forward.

Hitman is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube - HITMAN

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