Hitman Developer Io-Interactive Now Independent and Regains Control of IP

It's been a harrowing month for Hitman developer Io-Interactive, which had been facing the possibility of being forced to close or sold off completely. Last month, Square Enix announced that it was looking to sell off the Danish studio, which also put the popular Hitman series in doubt as well. After a number of sales talks fell apart, things were looking decidedly grim for the company. Thankfully, this tough situation now has a happy ending.

In a post on its official website, Io-Interactive CEO, Hakan Abrak reveals that the studio was able to wrap up its negotiations with Square Enix, once again making the studio fully independent. In the end, the company agreed to a buy out and also retained full control over the Hitman intellectual property. For the company, the news couldn't be much better. This newly granted freedom allows the studio to completely dictate what they do and what direction to go in. This also frees the studio up for partnerships and collaborations it normally wouldn't have access to.

The open letter goes on to thank its players, community, and friends of the studio who have reached out and provided all of the messages of support the company has received over the past few weeks. Interestingly enough, Abrak also goes on to thank Square Enix for supporting the studio over the past eight years, calling the company a great family to be a part of.

As for what's next, Io-Interactive has plans but it isn't ready to reveal them quite yet. The company is planning to announce details on its future plans sometime next week. Despite all of the hardships over the past month, the studio has expressed interest in continuing to create content for its most recent, and well received Hitman title. No doubt, fans should expect to see additional details and news next week on what's upcoming for the stealth game.

Are you excited that the studio not only managed to stay open but become independent once more? What are you hoping to see out of them in the next few years?

Source: IO Interactive

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