Hitman Absolution Uncut Trailer

Yesterday, we told you about a teaser trailer that was released for Hitman Absolution, the latest entry into the Hitman franchise being developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. That teaser showed some video from the E3 2011 demonstration that was talked about in our preview of the game, but did not slake our hunger for more details regarding Agent 47’s next adventure.

Today, an uncut gameplay trailer has been released for Hitman Absolution‘s Chicago library sequence and gives players video of the new tools at Agent 47’s disposal this time around. As stated before, Hitman Absolution is taking steps to be more action-oriented, while also incorporating stealth elements into the gameplay. It has been likened to games like Splinter Cell: Conviction or Batman: Arkham Asylum. Judge for yourself after watching the video that’s embedded below.

Right off the bat, the first thing that the trailer exudes is tension, and lots of it. It’s entirely possible that this sequence from the game could amount to a minor set piece moment, but the tension surrounding 47’s evasion and escape from the Chicago PD is palpable. Also, the comparison to Batman: Arkham Asylum, while apt, does not go into enough depth surrounding some of the mechanics that are at play. Detective vision in Arkham Asylum is dependent on Batman’s technology. However, the vision mode 47¬†posses¬†is more of a sixth sense. Using it he can see what paths guards will take and through walls, and even hear people’s thoughts.

The trailer also shows some gun fights. However, armed combat in the Hitman franchise have never been a high point within the series as the objective was to avoid large scale slaughter. The renewed emphasis on action as opposed to stealth seems to have given IO the incentive to improve armed combat within the game.

Unarmed melee combat has also been improved as can be seen when 47 bashes a cop with a bong and, before the officer’s stunned partner can react, then takes out the other policemen Jason Bourne style. The only thing that many may deem “off” about this gameplay trailer is the fact that 47’s voice has changed. Some may be disheartened to discover that David Bateson, the voice actor who provided both the likeness and voice for 47, has been dropped from the Hitman franchise according to his official website. It’s sad that he will no longer be providing the voice that many have deemed iconic, but for IO Interactive the show will go on, and despite Bateson’s absence, it looks like it going to be an incredible sight to behold.

Hitman Absolution will start taking contracts again in 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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Source: David Bateson’s Official Site