An integral part of the multiplayer experience of many games these days is the ability to craft your own gameplay scenarios, create modes, or even manufacture a complete game. While some titles are able to pull off the feature to stunning effect, others struggle to understand what tool sets players are ready and willing to work with. Hitman: Absolution, the forthcoming sequel from IO Interactive, is doing it right.

With their new mode called Contracts, players will be able to craft their own Hitman: Absolution levels, complete with pre-determined weapons, targets, and rules. A new trailer for the game explains just how Contracts will shape player interactions long after they’ve completed the single player portion of Hitman: Absolution.

With Contracts, players can create challenges for themselves or send them off to friends, and will be rewarded with cash for completing the Contracts within certain parameters. That cash can then be spent on better disguises, weapons, or attachments for those weapons.

IO Interactive will also choose some of the top Contracts to be displayed on the game’s leaderboard for all to see, adding another competitive element to the mode. IO Interactive also plans to get involved in the action, creating some Contracts to be available when the game releases in November.

Hitman Absolution Contracts Trailer

The concept of Contracts, while not altogether new, should help prolong the shelf life Absolution well after gamers have executed each official target in every way possible. That’s the name of the game with the Hitman series — variation — and Absolution is no different.

Some elements of the game, and a really conspicuous nun-filled trailer, have called into question just how faithful IO will be to a property some gamers swear by, but previews of the game at E3 assuaged many of those fears. We can’t wait to see what inventive Contracts gamers create.

What do you think of Contracts, the new create-a-kill mode for Hitman: Absolution? What’s your most memorable Hitman kill?

Hitman: Absolution releases November 20, 2012 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.