Hitman Absolution has had us excited since we last saw it at E3. In fact, IO Interactive made a cinematic trailer for the game and also showed off some gameplay from one of the earlier levels and it looked very promising – read our Hitman Absolution preview.

Square Enix released a new Hitman Absolution teaser which showcases some interesting moments of gameplay, leading into what will be an uncut full release of the gameplay trailer to be released tomorrow. It will be the first time that many fans get a glimpse of the gameplay for Absolution in motion.

The teaser is titled ‘Run for Your Life’ and follows Agent 47, everyone’s favorite bald assassin, as he seeks refuge in an abandoned Chicago library while being pursued by the police. What’s put 47 in the sights of the local law enforcement is anyone’s guess, but the teaser is all about emphasizing the action portion of stealth-action game.

Indeed, Hitman Absolution seems to have taken a turn away from the standard stealth mechanics of the previous titles in favor of a system similar to Splinter Cell: Conviction or Batman: Arkham Asylum. Obviously this marks a rather stark departure from the previous games in the franchise. Additionally, ‘Run for Your Life’ is also showcasing some of the new features that the new Glacier 2.0 engine is capable of.

Many of the elements present within the teaser are already mentioned in our preview. Moreover, the teaser doesn’t have any new story tidbits so there isn’t really anything new to talk about here in terms of features until the full trailer releases tomorrow. For now, we’ll all have to be content with this minute-long snippet of gameplay.

Hitman Absolution is scheduled for release in 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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