CES 2012: 'Hitman: Absolution' Gameplay Teases & New Screenshots

Hitman Absolution Screenshonts - Axe Face

Even though CES is densely populated with every gadget and gizmo under the sun it doesn’t neglect the software that goes into making those devices useable, chiefly among those being video games. At this year’s event, Hitman: Absolution once again came out from the shadows to show attendees and gamers alike what Square Enix and IO Interactive are cooking up.

One of the biggest questions that has been looming in the back of gamers’ minds since the big reveal of Hitman: Absolution is just how true this next iteration will be to the series’ roots. Hitman has largely been a franchise where decision-making plays an important role in how the player, as Agent 47, takes out their target.

While IO Interactive wouldn’t confirm that the multi-option, open gameplay would be returning in Absolution, he did tease that it would. In fact, Gameplay Director Christian Elverdam had to field not one but two questions before finally delivering this vague response:

"As I said, it's still very early days for us. We're showing a bit of the game at a time. As we hint though, at the end [of the journalist demo] Hitman is travelling to a town called Hope. Obviously that's something we're going to show at some point..."

Whether this means that Hope will be a traditionally sandbox section, or if it is indicative of the final product as a whole, isn’t clear, but there is obviously some stuff that IO wants to show that will make Hitman fans very happy.

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What should also keep the Hitman fans happy are a set of new screenshots for the game that were released today. These action shots focus more so on the physicality of Agent 47, as well as some of the various disguises he will be sporting, rather than key gameplay moments.

What is great to see is just how diverse the methods of disposal players will have at their…disposal -- from the axe to the syringe to the more common pistol. And might we also mention that this game looks absolutely stunning, highlighted by its ability to capture detail amidst a dark and gloomy atmosphere.

There’s still a lot more left to be written about Hitman: Absolution including how this town of Hope will incorporate traditional Hitman gameplay elements into this new iteration, but as of right now it looks quite impressive, and definitely sits as one of our most anticipated for 2012.

How would you like to see IO Interactive stay true to the spirit of Hitman but update it for today’s gamer? Does sandbox gameplay define this series?

Hitman: Absolution is scheduled for a 2012 release on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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