We know what you’re thinking: sure, Hitman: Absolution will be bringing new levels of stealth and story to Agent 47’s beloved franchise. And yes, you can easily find out what any number of gaming aficionados think of the game from hands-on experience. But what about those who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of professional hitmannery?

Will Absolution strike a chord with those somewhat averse to stealth gameplay? What about a player who doesn’t even enjoy playing video games of any type? Now what if that player is late night host Conan O’Brien? That’s what we thought.

In the latest edition of O’Brien’s ‘Clueless Gamer’ segment, he tasks himself with playing through a portion of IO Interactive‘s latest Hitman adventure without any previous experience, or interest. It might not be exactly what IO meant when they said they hoped Absolution would appeal to a broader audience, but it makes for a gameplay demonstration that’s entertaining in a completely unexpected way.

Stumbling awkwardly in front of and up against patrolling guards certainly doesn’t showcase the tension possible in the most challenging levels, but it does prove that players will absolutely have their choice of how to eliminate their targets – as awkwardly as they’d like, it seems.

Conan OBrien Plays Hitman Absolution

Jokes aside, it is refreshing for experienced gamers to gain a little perspective on their habits. It would be possible to get too absorbed into the world of professional contract killing to realize that a video game actually lets players turn a hula girl statue into a deadly weapon. Or grasp the implications of a hitman who compulsively fills up dumpsters with his victims (although we now know how many Law & Order opening scenes have Agent 47’s fingerprints all over them).

If nothing else, the video helps show why Absolution‘s director Tore Blystad was so shocked when people were offended by the inclusion of a band of dominatrix assassins disguised as nuns. We’re not saying people overreacted, but when seen through the eyes of someone whose career is built on not taking things too seriously, the entire debate seems a bit silly.

We’re not looking to reignite the flame war, but O’Brien makes one thing clear: there’s no issue so big it can’t be solved by a pun.

Hitman: Absolution releases November 20, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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