New Teaser Image All But Announces 'Hitman 5'

Hitman ARG Points to E3

Fans of red ties, playing dress up, and contemplating unique ways to end people's lives should be happy to know that they might soon be doing all three and much more in the upcoming iteration of the Hitman game series. After much hinting and subsequent speculation, the alternate reality game that has been providing fans with teaser images and cryptic messages from IO Interactive comes to an end, leaving us with what seems to be a CG cutscene screenshot of Hitman 5.

It's been some time since Agent 47 has stalked unwary prey, his last outing being in 2006's Blood Money. This Hitman would be the first to be developed exclusively for the current-generation consoles, and as such one can reasonably expect the developer's to give fans an appropriately amazing piece of work. The previous four images in the ARG all pointed toward a new Hitman game, even though IO hasn't come right out to say it, and this last screenshot pretty much hits you in the face and then screams at the top of its lungs that it's a Hitman game. However, the company is going to wait until E3 to make the big reveal, and one can assume that they are looking to blow people out of their seats with, "an even more awesome follow-up".

We've heard rumors that gamers can be slipping on their gloves and fastening their suppressors as early as Christmas, which would probably suit most gamers just as well. The devs have had plenty of time to work on the game, and after their last release, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, one can expect them to improve on the negative aspects of Blood Money and introduce new and surprising gameplay elements alongside a deep and involving story. We can only salivate and speculate until E3, where they'll be giving us more information. This Christmas holiday season is shaping up to be one of the biggest in gaming history. Here's hoping Agent 47 slinks his way into the veritable maelstrom of holiday releases this year.

Source: (via Joystiq)

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