A recent tweet from IO Interactive promises gamers a big announcement this week. IO Interactive, who released Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days last year, has been expected to officially announce the fifth title in the popular Hitman franchise for some time now.

After numerous rumors and speculation, the kindling was finally set aflame when IO launched an alternate reality game that further hinted at a new Hitman installment. The picture revealed at the end of the ARG all but confirmed that IO was building up to an announcement for Hitman 5. After a European trademark by Square Enix for “Hitman: Absolution,” we predicted that even if that was not the final title, that there would be a big Hitman announcement at E3.

It’s likely that we will not need to wait that long to find out if our prayers have been answered and that we will be suiting up as Agent 47 in his first truly seventh-generation video game. The tweet, made on May 6 read:

“News Flash! Next week is going to be good. Very good. Get ready for incoming shrapnel. Keep your eyes open!”

Now, it could be referring to something else, but taken in conjunction with the ARG pointing toward Hitman, and the Hitman: Absolution trademark, things are looking extremely favorable for the announcement of Hitman 5 this week, and possibly a big demo at E3. One of their May 4th tweets ensures that they are “attending E3 this year and will be showing off lovely things.”

What could be lovelier than another Hitman game? Not  much as far as we can tell. For the moment this is still pure speculation, but when IO makes their announcement, you can be sure that Game Rant will be there to fill all of you in about the big news.

What do you think the “incoming shrapnel” will be? Is there anyone who thinks it isn’t Hitman? What changes do you think the new generation Hitman will bring?

Source: IO Interactive