Hitman 5 is Coming After All, Maybe

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Earlier this month, we brought you the news that IO Interactive, the developers responsible for the Kane & Lynch and Hitman games, had laid off a fair amount of staff -- possibly meaning that Hitman 5 had been put on permanent hold. However, fans of the franchise have a reason wipe away those tears after intriguing evidence to suggest otherwise has emerged.

The title has popped up on three LinkedIn profiles, most notably that belonging to Rasmus Hoejengaard, who worked as Game Director on Hitman: Blood Money. It is worth noting that this is a cached snapshot from October 2, 2010 before we got wind of the staff cuts, and the profile has since been changed with Hoejengaard stating that he has worked on, "a not yet released title."

After some digging, we also found that UK based online retailer is taking Pre-orders for Hitman 5, with a due date of November 28, 2011, which puts it in black and white. It has to be coming, right?

The evidence is still not entirely convincing, as it doesn't make sense for someone to have worked on a not yet released title and be working for another company a year before said title is scheduled for release. Surely there would still be plenty of work to be carried out, especially without any official news of a release date.

On the flip side, David Bateson, the voice actor of Agent 47 in the Hitman series said the following in a recent interview with TheGamingLiberty when quizzed on a a new Hitman title:

"I have to plead the 5th Amendment on this one. I am under contract not to say anything. There have been delays. However, like I said earlier, if the artwork is anything to go by… brace yourself!"

It would seem that there is still hope to cling too, but without any official confirmation it is still just hope. Personally, I think that if IO Interactive is working on Hitman 5, it's about time someone put us all out of our misery and told us so. It has been four years since the last release, and I for one would love to see a new iteration taking full advantage of the advances made in the technology available to developers today. But hey, it wouldn't be Hitman there wasn't a little bit of controversy involved.

Tell us what you think, does this all mean Hitman 5 is happening? Or are fans just clinging to a thread?

Source: TGL, Eurogamer.

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