No Hitman 5 Until Christmas 2011 at the Earliest

Agent 47

It's been quite sometime since we've heard from Agent 47. His last appearance was in Hitman: Blood Money, a good game, but the next-gen entry was a bit lacking on...well, just about everything. IO Interactive has been rather quiet on the matter and has been spending time on their latest game, the soon to be released Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Fear not, Agent 47 isn't dead. In fact, he's just been on a very long vacation and his next appearance will be "Christmas 2011 at the earliest", according to alleged sources within IO Interactive. An incredibly long wait, that's for sure, but if it means we'll get to see Hitman 5, that's alright.

The assassin-simulation Hitman series is definitely a near and dear one to many gamers. If it isn't because of the improvisation you were allowed on each mission, it was the fact that the story behind Agent 47 was actually very interesting. It would truly be a shame if IO Interactive didn't do something truly spectacular with him after such a long wait. I'm sure IO Interactive would do something so horrible as to create a new Hitman title that doesn't give fans what they have been really waiting for. I'm certain a next-gen Hitman title will include awesome new mechanics, stellar graphics, and there's an off chance that there will even be an interesting storyline.

Unfortunately, all we can really do is wait for the news to break on Hitman 5, and when it happens Game Rant will be there to report it to you. Patience is a virtue and it is also a very important tool for any assassin, including Agent 47.

Source: CVG

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