Stealth-based games just aren’t as prevalent nowadays as they used to be. Back in the days of the PS2, stealth games were a dime a dozen with strong series’ like Splinter Cell and Thief. Now, they are much harder to come by and when they do appear, the stealth is generally a tacked on feature to add “diversity” to the game. It’s a disappointing fact, but today’s younger gamers are far more interested in heart-pounding action than they are in skulking through the shadows, stalking their prey.

One series that managed to handle the stealth elements in its games rather well was the Hitman series and it’s about to finally make its return.

Not only was the stealth done well in Hitman, but actually pulling off a kill was a very rewarding experience. Rumors flew around the internet as to whether the fifth game in the series was on its way or not until an alternate reality game relating to the series surfaced which hinted at a coming announcement of a possible Hitman 5. Upon completing the ARG, a picture was awarded, leaving fans even more mystified and yearning for any sort of news regarding the game’s announcement.

That wait may almost be over. Square Enix recently filed a trademark for the name Hitman: Absolution in Europe, prompting much excitement from fans. While the trademarked title may not actually be the name of the series’ fifth installment, with E3 2011 coming close, chances are good that IO Interactive could be prepping their game for announcement at the world-renowned gaming conference. If this were true, Hitman: Absolution could easily become one of the most talked-about games being announced at the conference, having legions of adoring fans itching to regain control of the iconic Agent 47.

Would you be excited to see a new Hitman game released after quite an extended break? Do you think that there will be a Hitman-based announcement at E3 this year?

Source: Siliconera