Hitman 2 Trailer Reveals Every Location


It won't be much longer before Hitman 2 officially releases, as the forthcoming stealth-action sequel centered around Agent 47 officially went gold just a few short weeks ago, and is set to launch next month. Now, in order to give fans a better idea as to where everyone's favorite virtual assassin will be heading to take out his targets and complete his missions, IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive have released a brand new trailer that reveals every location in the game.

As seen below in the latest Hitman 2 trailer, players should expect to visit a wide range of different locales, with the footage highlighting such spots as beach at night with an approaching storm, the marketplace of a bustling tourist destination, a lushly designed tropical jungle, and more. The newest locations to be confirmed in the trailer as playable settings are Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, Mumbai, India, Whittleton Creek, Vermont, the Isle of Sgàil in the North Atlantic, and Himmelstein, Austria.

For those who have been out of the loop when it comes to Hitman 2's development, IO Interactive has previously revealed that Agent 47 will also have missions awaiting him in Miami, Florida and Santa Fortuna, Colombia. Thankfully the developer will be eschewing the previous installment's episodic distribution model this time around, so players who purchase the forthcoming game will be able to have these and the other aforementioned locations available at launch.

Taking all of this into account, it will be interesting to see where else Hitman 2 takes Agent 47 once the game goes live in a few weeks from now, as IO Interactive has already confirmed that expansion packs are a part of the title's post-launch plans. And with the studio having teased that the actor Sean Bean is to portray the first Elusive Target, it definitely seems as if the sequel to the series' 2016 installment is shaping up to offer plenty of content for players to dive into upon release.

Hitman 2 is set to release on November 13, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: HITMAN – YouTube

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