Hitman 2 Drops Episodic Structure, Expansion Packs Planned

Hitman 2 episodes DLC expansion packs

When Warner Bros. Interactive and IO Interactive Hitman 2 with a reveal trailer earlier this week, fans were delighted. Protagonist Agent 47 has embarked on some thrilling adventures throughout the series and has performed some impressive assassinations, so many were excited to see that continue in an all-new game. But one question about the newly announced title remained: would it be episodic?

The game before Hitman 2 - just titled Hitman - was a significant departure for the series as IO Interactive released its missions in downloadable episodes instead of releasing the entire game in a single package. When a fan asked the official Hitman Twitter if Hitman 2 would be following this same business model, the account told the fan "don't worry," confirming that there will be "no episodes this time around."

The episodic format of Hitman did prove to be rather successful, enticing five million players since launch, but it's understandable why IO Interactive and new series' publisher Warner Bros. has decided to ditch the format. The companies may feel that episodic games force fans to stay tuned-in and up to date and it also means that they have to wait some time until more content is available. By releasing the bulk of Hitman 2's gameplay content at once, though, it takes the pressure off; fans won't have to keep checking for info about new episodes and they can enjoy all of the main missions from the jump.

However, just because Hitman 2 isn't episodic, that doesn't mean that there won't be any downloadable content. When the game launches later this year, fans will be able to pick up the Hitman 2 Gold Edition, will include access to the game's expansion pack. Details have yet to be provided, but retailers have listed the expansion packs as expansion packs one and two, indicating that IO Interactive has already planned plenty of post-launch content for the upcoming title. The Gold Edition also includes the Executive Pack which includes an Italian leather briefcase and the ICA 19 Blackballer Pistol.

The Hitman series has traditionally released post-launch DLC so the confirmation of expansion packs will come as little surprise to fans. For example, Hitman: Definitive Edition (announced following the partnership with Warner Bros.) includes Escalation Contracts, several new outfits for Agent 47 to sport, ICA missions, tools and additional weapons as well. It's unclear whether the Hitman 2 DLC will be as enjoyable as the series' previous post-launch content, but hopefully IO Interactive and Warner Bros. will reveal more soon.

Hitman 2 will releases November 13, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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