Hitman 2: How to Redeem the Legacy Pack DLC

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One of the coolest features of Hitman 2 is the Legacy Pack DLC, which adds all of the locations from the first game into the sequel as remastered levels. Players can play through the first game’s story in Hitman 2, then seamlessly jump into the second game’s story without having to change games. The Legacy Pack DLC is free to owners of Hitman, but the process for redeeming it is a little convoluted. Here is how players can redeem their copy of the Legacy Pack DLC in Hitman 2.

To add the six original levels to accompany the new locations in Hitman 2, players must first redeem and download the Legacy Pack DLC from their respective console’s store. However, to do this, players must first boot up their copy of the original Hitman and find the Legacy Pack option. This can be found on either the Featured page or in the Store tab.

There are two different Legacy Packs depending on if the player owns the Game of the Year edition content. Once players select the Legacy Pack they will be redirected to the console store to download the reprised missions. This process is much easier on Steam, for players only need to launch Hitman 2 to start the Legacy Pack download. For players who do not own Hitman, the Legacy Pack DLC is $20. Players who do not own the Game of the Year content for Hitman can upgrade for $10.

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The Legacy Pack DLC not only includes the six original levels in Hitman, but also the Game of the Year versions, such as the Patient Zero mission. The levels have been updated and remastered to better fit with Hitman 2’s mechanics. Players will be able to traverse through Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, and Hokkaido with ease in Hitman 2 without ever having to boot up the original Hitman again. It does not seem like the DLC includes old Elusive Targets at this time. However, Game of Throne's Sean Bean will be the first new elusive target in Hitman 2 for players to track down.

Hitman 2 is the continuation of Agent 47’s story, as he tries to track down the Shadow Client responsible for the events of the first game. While the first Hitman was released in chapters, Hitman 2 ditches the episodic format so players get the full experience on Day One. Hopefully IO Interactive and Warner Bros. continue to make complex and interesting levels for Hitman 2 well after launch.

Hitman 2 is launches November 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for Standard Edition owners, and is available now for Gold Edition owners.

Source: IO Interactive

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