10 Hilarious Things About the World of Red Dead Redemption II That Make No Sense

Red Dead Redemption II is a narrative masterpiece, and its world is one of the finest ever found in gaming. That said, some parts of it don't make a lick of sense. Of course, this is a video game, so we don't expect realism, and most of this list is meant purely for entertainment purposes. We love the game, and we don't genuinely have a problem with these "issues." We're just having some fun ribbing on one of our favorite games of all time.

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Nevertheless, here are ten hilarious things about the world of Red Dead Redemption II that don't make no sense whatsoever.

10 The Geography

red dead redemption 2 pc screenshot sunrise

Like most video games, the geography in this game is totally nonsensical. We understand why - the game would be really boring if it forced you to stay in one place.

But it's still weird to travel from flat, barren deserts to snowy mountains to rolling plains to the plantations and red clay streets of the South to New Orleans to the swamps of the East all in a matter of a day. Granted, it makes for a beautiful visual treat, so we can forgive how nonsensical it all is.

9 Bandanas And Masks Don't Work

Masks typically work by hiding the identity of the wearer. But not in the world of Red Dead Redemption II. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a simple bandana over your mouth or a full-blown executioner's hood covering your entire face - the law will know who you are if you cause trouble.

The masks will work on regular citizen witnesses, but lawmen somehow always know that it is Arthur Morgan underneath that mask. You can wear new clothes and ride into town a new horse, it doesn't matter. They will instantly peg you. Does magic exist in this world?

8 Horse Reviver

So, apparently magic DOES exist in this world, because you can literally bring your horse back from the brink of death. It's entirely possible for your horse to become critically injured, typically as a result of you doing something stupid like saying "I can totally ride down that steep mountainside!"

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In real life, that horse would be gonzo. But in the world of Red Dead Redemption II, you can just give it some convenient "horse reviver" and it'll be right as rain! No broken bones, no awkward gait, nothing! Just what exactly is in that magic horse reviver?

7 Bounties

Apparently in Western America, you could once get away with mass murder provided you pay a couple hundred bucks to the right authorities. You can play Arthur as a total lunatic should you so desire. You can shoot up entire towns and murder literally everyone you come across.

Your actions can even cause an entire town to go on lockdown, presumably as they clean the corpses and attempt to bring in new citizens and lawmen. And you can totally get away with this provided you pay a $500 fine. Man, the rich really CAN get away with anything...

6 Inconsistent Bounties

OK, so we've established that you can simply pay off even the most egregious acts of mass murder. You can shoot up an entire town, force it into lock down, and have countless bounty hunters on your tail, only to make everything go away with a couple hundred bucks.

So why can't the gang do this with Blackwater? What makes the infamous Blackwater fiasco so much worse than, say, the Valentine or Rhodes massacres? We don't think it could be any worse than "literally killed every lawman in town," but hey, you never know...

5 Constantly Running Into People

They say it's a small world, but it's really not that small. Despite the massive area that this game covers, Arthur somehow still finds himself running into the exact same people again and again. Take Albert Mason, the nature photographer. You can find him outside Strawberry, Valentine, in the mountains of West Elizabeth, the plains of the Heartlands, and the swamps near Saint Denis.

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And it's not like Mason wrote to Arthur to tell him where he would be. Nope, Arthur just comes across him by pure random chance while riding through the wilderness. Now that is some coincidence!

4 The Way Time Passes

Time passes... oddly in this world. For example, time seemingly stops to everyone outside of Arthur's immediate personal circle of space. For example, you can leave the Van der Linde camp for literal weeks at a time and people will act like absolutely nothing happened upon your return.

People also have an unbelievable amount of patience. If Dutch tells you to go visit Javier in a bar, you can guarantee that Javier will be in that bar for the next three weeks as you mess around fishing, finding cigarette cards, and riding your horse down cliffs.

3 Dead Eye

Dead eye is the game's most unique gameplay mechanic. It's meant to represent Arthur's focus, but it just comes across like he has superhuman abilities. You can enter Dead Eye, individually target ten different people, and fire off ten separate rounds (all of which manage to hit their target) in the span of, like, two seconds.

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We don't know how Arthur is physically able to squeeze his finger, turn the gun towards each individual target, and cock it after each shot all the in the span of a couple seconds, let alone manage to hit ten straight headshots from fifty feet away.

2 The Economy

The in-game economy makes absolutely no sense, as things seem to be priced willy-nilly. For example, it costs $1 to rent a room in the fanciest hotel in Saint Denis, which is the fanciest city in the southeast.

You can literally spend three or four nights in the swankiest hotel of the most advanced city in the entire geographical area for the same price it costs to buy a bottle of whiskey or a jar of hair pomade in the convenience store.

1 Legendary Animal Pelts

Hunting is very finicky in this game. If you shoot an animal with the wrong ammo, or if you miss a head or heart shot by even the slightest of inches, a pelt will become ruined and you will receive less money for it.

However, that doesn't apply to legendary animals. You can blow up an animal with dynamite or pump eighteen rifle rounds into its body and the trapper will still be delighted to receive it. What good is a legendary animal pelt if it's been shredded with bullet holes or blown apart by dynamite? Why are people so picky with regular animal pelts but so nonchalant with legendary ones!? It should be the other way around!

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