10 Hilarious Siege Memes Only True Rainbow Six Fans Will Understand

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game with a dedicated fan base who’ve ridden the ups and downs of the game’s growing pains since it came out in 2015. Over the years the game has seen some interesting changes that have been a great source for memes.

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Whether it’s rivalries between players’ favorite characters, controversial nerfs, or toxicity in the fan base there are some really funny memes for Rainbow Six Siege.

10 Blitz Vs Jager

There’s been a long-standing rivalry between players that choose Blitz and those that choose Jager. Part of this is because Jager has been the butt of many, many jokes given his supposed weaknesses for many seasons, especially when he ventures off on his own.

This meme of Patrick with a sadistically eager grin is a great representation of that thrill players feel when playing as Blitz and seeing Jager wandering away from the safety of his team. This game can be tough at times so those easy kills are always appreciated.

9 Echo Vs Defusers

This great meme shows Echo commenting nonchalantly about the enemy attempting to place a defuser to breach a wall. This meme is hilarious because of the incredible frustration attackers have when trying to breach walls when Echo is on the defender’s team.

It was discovered in a ranked match that his drones had the ability to prevent attackers from placing and using defusers, thus making it extremely difficult to perform a breach. Many attackers were forced to go drone hunting before they could push to the actual objective which got really, really annoying after a while.

8 Hiding

Fighting against the odds in any video game is a frightening and uphill battle, this is especially true when it’s multiplayer in Rainbow Six Siege. The worst experience is facing a round when all your teammates are dead and you’re left to face five opposing players.

This meme accurately portrays what it feels like to face five players alone. Either you’re cowering in the corner of the objective room as they’re preparing the assault or you’re hiding in a room as the defenders sweep the area.

7 Jager’s ACOG

It’s a difficult chore trying to keep a multiplayer game balanced and fair for all players involved. It’s especially trying when you know the best way to keep things fair is to nerf a very popular character.

This meme shows what it was like when Ubisoft nerfed Jager by removing his ACOG sight attachment. The loss of this 2.5x scope infuriated players and Ubisoft likely wished they had a memory removal device like the one in Men In Black.

6 Life Goals

The draw of video games is strong and ranking up in your favorite competitive video game is a siren call many players have fallen prey to. There are few urges to play as strong as trying to bring your rank up when you’re close to the next level.

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This meme does a great job of demonstrating this by showing the player running towards their life goals but going to wind up falling into the abyss of Rainbow Six Siege ranking addiction. Funny how getting platinum seems to be something players can easily set goals and work towards but that next promotion? Forget about it.

5 Upranking

Speaking of the ranking grind this meme shows a hilarious example of how four players are ready to do what it takes to reach that Platinum level only to be beaten down and destroyed by the game. It turns out that trying to climb that ranking ladder is also full of missteps and dark turns.

There’s another funny jab here in that one player has only slipped a single ranking while the other two have plummeted and the fourth player is missing. There’s a lot more jokes to unpack here and it’s a great meme.

4 Murder Hole

Rainbow Six Siege has given what players have been wanting for many, many years, a destructible environment. Granted the player can’t level the place but being able to knock down doors and put holes in the wall to shoot through is a great feature that’s sorely needed in FPS games.

That being said there are times when it feels like you’re sitting around, looking through the murder hole just waiting for someone to come by, especially if you’re a defender. Even though it’s probably only a few seconds of waiting it can feel like an eternity in the fast pacing of Rainbow Six Siege.

3 Mute

Some players enjoy the realism of their characters talking as they perform various actions, but when you’re on a stealth run it can be really annoying to have your character notify everyone in the immediate area that they’re reloading.

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This is especially true with a character like Mute who’s backstory literally states he’s a “man of few words”. It sure doesn’t feel like it when Mute is just as vocal as every other character in the game making his name incredibly ironic.

2 Servers

This meme was especially relevant upon game launch when it was riddled with bugs and a number of issues that made finding a server to play a really, really long wait. Here we see the famous Indiana Jones meme as the man seemingly turns into a skeleton waiting for a Rainbow Six Siege server to load.

Admittedly this has gotten a little better as the developers tweaked and modified the game to have fewer problems. The Health update, in particular, was a shot in the arm for these kinds of problems, but it can still feel like forever waiting for a server to pull up.

1 Toxicity

This hilarious meme is also a sad one considering the state of the fan base. For whatever reason, Rainbow Six Siege has become notorious for having one of the most toxic fan bases in multiplayer.

Granted toxicity is present in any multiplayer fan base, but new players not accustomed to this may be in for a rude awakening like this meme suggests. The developers have been making an effort to smooth out some of the toxicity, but until you can change human behavior you’re not going to eradicate it completely and new players to Rainbow Six Siege will need to be aware of this.

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