10 Hilarious Fallout 4 Memes Only True Wastelanders Understand

Fallout 4 is a great game that enables players to explore the wasteland wielding all sorts of powerful weapons. There are few feelings as epic as fighting a Deathclaw with a suit of power armor and players get to experience that in the first side quest.

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But for all it does right, there are also a lot of things it comes up short on or logical fails that are too blatant to ignore. This has led to the creation of some hilarious memes that any wanderer of the wasteland will appreciate.

10 Exploration Trap

This incredibly relatable meme conveys the very real danger that comes with playing Fallout 4, the exploration trap. It’s present in many other games, but Fallout 4 is especially good at this. The idea is that the player has a little time they still want to play before going to bed so why not loot the building they just found?

What happens is that the building connects to the subway system below, has an entire quest built into it, or you’re strapped with so much loot you decide to make a trip to the store only to get sidetracked by something else entirely.

9 Ideal Settlement

This humorous logic fail hits on the irritation many players have probably had when experimenting with the settlement building mechanics. Ideally, players would pick the heavily fortified areas, like the concrete fish packing plant, if it’s good enough for a band of raiders why not settlers?

Instead, the player is restricted to preset areas like Coastal Cottage which offers zero natural protection and a meager shack made of wood. The player is then required to scavenge for materials to build walls, roofs, beds, and defenses to make that meager settlement viable.

8 Minutemen Quests

Like the world’s worst telemarketer players of Fallout 4 must suffer the endless requests by Preston Garvey to lend aid to other settlements. This meme takes the concept and explores what would happen if the player had nothing better to do and decides to humor Preston by taking on the missions.

In reality, the prospect of repelling a settlement raid would be a terrifying prospect, but as the meme points out in terms of gameplay it feels like an honest days work for a little experience and perhaps some loot.

7 No Cars

This hilarious meme makes fun of the logic that in a world with sentient robots the scientists and mechanics of the Commonwealth are incapable of getting a functioning car up and running. The player is even capable of putting together generators from scrap to provide power for settlements but does not possess the ability to put a car engine together.

It definitely feels like an oversight, especially when cars would have served as a valuable means of transportation for those who don’t want to explore the Commonwealth on foot, but also don’t want to bypass everything via fast travel.

6 Power Armor

Power Armor is perhaps the most prized possession in all of Fallout 4  and there are a variety of suits that can be modified to provide different advantages in combat and other situations. Eventually, the player can even install jet packs and powerful weaponry.

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This meme points out that players who’ve managed to accumulate a collection of this awesome tech will feel like a post-apocalyptic version of Tony Stark with a collection of Iron Man suits. No doubt there are a number of mods catered around that specific feeling.

5 Radioactive Logic

Radiation is a terrifying threat to the player in the wasteland. Creatures use it as a deadly poison, players needs an abundance of anti-rad medication to navigate the glowing sea, and the Children of Atom even worship the stuff. Radiation plays a huge role in Fallout 4.

Yet this meme raises the interesting question of how it’s possible for the player character to walk around with raw radioactive material in his pockets if it’s so dangerous? Granted getting radiation poisoning every time you wanted to carry some of this valuable crafting material would get annoying, but it is weird there are no side affects to doing so.

4 Raider Logic

This meme makes fun the enemy artificial intelligence in the game when it comes to engaging the player in combat. The raider could be wielding nothing more than clothing and a metal pipe, yet they’ll engage a player wearing a fully modified suit of power armor and a laser gun without question.

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It would’ve made for some epic moments for the player to watch raiders run away in fear when they arrive on the scene. Unless of course, the player was hoping to grind for some experience points, then the raiders running away all the time would be really annoying.

3 Settlement Building

Settlement building in Fallout 4 was an interesting concept that had a lot of promise and proved beneficial to the player once they managed to get a hang of it and get the settlements up and running. Masters of settlement mechanics could create supply lines to bring in some side income, access to food and ammo, and build personal stores to offload or grab new gear.

But obtaining that mastery felt a lot like this meme describes. Trying to scrap items, build new things, and get a functioning settlements felt like nailing a board to your forehead and being utterly lost for several agonizing attempts of trial and error.

2 Water For Health

Healing mechanics are always a touchy subject in video games in that if they’re too realistic they’re useless and anything helpful seems incredibly unrealistic. In favor of interesting gameplay, the makers of Fallout 4 decided to make consumable items, like water, capable of healing the player.

As the meme suggests this leads to entertaining moments where the player is guzzling down vast amounts of water to heal themselves. Hopefully, the player maxed out their Lead Belly perk if they want to drink from a river like the meme shows.

1 Brotherhood Of Steel Arrives

Many fans consider the Brotherhood of Steel to be one of the best factions in the game. Sure they’re a little zealous in their beliefs, but they offer great power armor, weaponry, and an aircraft carrier called the Prydwen to travel the wasteland.

This meme pokes fun at that fact by portraying the Brotherhood of Steel as a small, fluffy, white dog flying in on a bunch of balloons to liberate the Commonwealth. It’s an amusing meme and a hilarious depiction of what would otherwise be an intense moment.

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