Following his departure from Konami, his partnership with Sony, and a research tour for his upcoming game, Hideo Kojima launches a new YouTube series called ‘Hideo Tube’.

Hideo Kojima is a busy man these days, following the drama-filled breakdown of his relationship with Konami. When he’s not making groundbreaking video games or rubbing shoulders with Hollywood directors, he’s out trying new things in order to quell his passions. In the latest of Kojima’s long line of announced projects, today saw the launch of his brand new YouTube series called Hideo Tube.

Released through the official Kojima Productions YouTube channel, the pilot episode of Hideo Tube doesn’t actually have anything video game related in it. Instead, Kojima spends the entire 45-minute episode discussing his top ten movies of 2015 with Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain novelist Kenji Yano.

For those who are curious, the full list of Kojima’s top ten movies of 2015 can be seen in the video below. Be warned, though: not every movie on the list is quite what might be expected of the acclaimed video game auteur, who expresses his love for Shaun the Sheep and The Intern alongside more obvious choices such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Hideo Kojima has really embraced his post-Konami life following his difficult departure from the company. After the disbanding of his game studio, Kojima Productions LA, Kojima relaunched a new incarnation of the studio and partnered up with Sony. The end goal of the partnership is to release a brand new game for PS4 and PC.

This announcement of the Sony partnership was subsequently followed by Kojima and Mark Cerny’s “high-end technology tour.” Aimed at finding the latest high-end technology for his upcoming game, the tour saw Kojima and Cerny visit a number of well-known video game developers such as Quantic Dream and Crytek.

It wasn’t just high-ranking game devs that Kojima took the time to visit, however. Between his search for cutting-edge video game technology, Kojima managed to find time to have a chat to J.J. Abrams about his newly reborn studio. Next week will see Kojima reunite with former collaborator Guillermo del Toro to present a special address for the 2016 D.I.C.E Summit Awards.

As for the Metal Gear franchise, it appears that Konami intends on continuing the series without Kojima. Just recently, Konami released a new DLC campaign for Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s online component. However, while Metal Gear is no longer in Kojima’s steady hands, it appears that he has moved onto bigger and better things. Whether it’s a completely brand new game that blows Metal Gear away, a future collaboration with J.J. Abrams, or just hour-long YouTube videos about his favorite movies, fans everywhere will be eagerly awaiting Kojima’s next move.

Source: YouTube