Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise and director of the forthcoming Death Stranding, explains why he can’t stop making video games.

Even after having gone through the wringer with one the most promising projects in recent memory getting the axe—that is, the now-cancelled horror game Silent Hills—while also enduring what many essentially considered to be a stressful and creative strain with his maintaining of an arduous love-hate relationship with Konami, it seems as if Hideo Kojima couldn’t step away from the video game industry if he tried. As it happens, during an interview with game designer and PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny at Develop: Brighton, Kojima basically confirmed as much, stating that his ability to create and develop in the medium gives him the drive to keep going.

Of course, as many gaming fans are probably aware at this point, the Metal Gear Solid creator and his Kojima Productions team are currently working on the recently revealed Death Stranding, which is sure to continue the developer’s penchant for sleek, cinematic visuals and grandiose narratives. Interestingly enough, however, if Kojima had his way several decades ago, he may not be where he is today designing games with Kojima Productions, as he originally wished to be a filmmaker and was somewhat discouraged by video games’ limitations on storytelling when he started out.

“30 years ago, I wanted to make movies but in Japan and in the Kansai region where I grew up it was very difficult to do so. Games were a very interesting medium for storytelling so that’s why I jumped in.

“It was hard to tell a story through games. It was like chess or playing cards, where you set some rules and then try to simulate something.

“30 years later, there’s so much you can do with characters. The world can be three-dimensional, and you can add cultural and ethnic backgrounds to your story.

“Everything I wanted to do in movies, I’m [now] able to do in games.”


As the discussion went on, Kojima described how recent advances in technology has allowed him to push the boundaries of what are possible in the development of video games, which has ultimately made it easier for creators like him to more fully achieve their original visions. When coming up with an idea for a game, for instance, Kojima has more elements than he’s able to express such as smells, temperatures, and other concepts that are somewhat abstract to the medium. However, as tools for development and hardware continues to become refined, the Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain director claims it has gotten easier to convey such notions, saying, “Every game brings me closer and closer to making what I imagine. That’s why I could never stop making games.”

Taking all of this into consideration, Kojima seems to be more confident than ever before, as he also went on record to say that he believes Death Stranding will be his best game yet. Although little is known about the mysterious title and what kind of gameplay it will contain, one thing’s for sure is that it has definitely captured the collective imagination of the gaming world.


In fact, many are still speculating the name’s meaning, and what all of the trailer’s imagery such as the tethered fetus, dead ocean life, oil-soaked hands, dog tags, and floating ethereal presences represent. While we continue to pore over all of this cryptic information, it’s safe to say that even though we still don’t have a clear understanding of what Death Stranding is or will be, most fans are certainly happy that Kojima continues to create.

Are you glad that Hideo Kojima is still making games? What’s your take on the type of content Death Stranding will offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Hideo Kojima’s next project with Kojima Productions, Death Stranding, is currently without a release date, but is expected to launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Source: Develop: Brighton (via IGN)