Legendary game creator Hideo Kojima visits Respawn Entertainment for a behind-closed-doors meeting with Vince Zampella. Talk about a meeting of titans!

Legendary videogame producer Hideo Kojima has kept his post-Konami schedule quite full, and has been travelling around meeting studios and stars alike as he prepares to take the inaugural steps into developing his next title. His new game concept has been kept under wraps as he assembles a team, and little is known about the game except that it will be a PlayStation console exclusive, although he did express a large interest in virtual reality development.

Yesterday, Kojima-san stepped forth into California-based headquarters of Respawn Entertainment, where he got with studio CEO Vince Zampella and his development team for a meeting behind closed doors. Aside of his work at Respawn, Zampella was one of the co-creators of the Call of Duty franchise before moving on to found his own studio and make Titanfall, so when we say this was a meeting of titans, it’s not just word play.

The two have evidently held a rapport, as Hideo indicated yesterdays meeting was a reuniting of the two:

The fabled producer has visited many high-profile figures in the last few weeks, including J.J. Abrams, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus. With regards to the Walking Dead film star, Kojima made it clear that his intent was to sign Reedus on for a new game, after evidently walking away from their time on Silent Hills impressed with the actor. Interestingly, Reedus and Kojima actually pitched video game ideas back and forth during their work together, and one of those ideas may have been why the pair reunited.

After Kojima-san had met with the Titanfall team, Vince Zampella wrote a Tweet about the meeting which made it pretty clear Kojima is working on something exciting:

Respawn Entertainment is currently hard at work on Titanfall 2, which is no longer an One exclusive title. This pushes them in a more Hideo-friendly direction, which makes Kojima’s visit all the more interesting.

Aside of video games, Kojima has also started a brand new YouTube series called ‘Hideo Tube’, where he has so far discussed his top movies of 2015. It’s a more casual look at the revered producer, whom many fans are expecting to produce a top-tier game to rival Metal Gear Solid when it comes out in the distant future. Regardless of any bad blood between Kojima and Konami, we’re excited to see what Hideo Kojima is cooking up.

What kind of game do you think Hideo Kojima is working on, Ranters?

Source: Twitter