Hideo Kojima's 'Project Ogre' Will Be Open World

Kojima Says Project Ogre Is Open

Hideo Kojima's brand new project, code named Project Ogre will be departing from the director's traditional cinematic approach. This time, Kojima wants to experiment with creating an open world game. Yes, the thought of Hideo Kojima branching out and trying an entirely new kind of game design is very exciting.

Knowing what the acclaimed director is capable of creating with a cinematic flair - the sky could be the limit when it comes to open world gaming.

News regarding Project Ogre is almost non-existent at this point - since Hideo Kojima is notorious for keeping his games secret. However, at times, Kojima does enjoy sharing progress on his various works (or what he's eating for dinner) via his Twitter account, such as the image below.

Whether or not this image is connected to Project Ogre or represents further testing of Kojima Production's new FOX Engine, remains to be seen - click to enlarge.

Project Ogre Image

Kojima spoke to CNN where he admitted that Project Ogre would be a much more of an open-ended title than his previous works. After this statement, the only other thing that is known about Project Ogre is that it's expected to offer more of a subdued experience.

"The kind of game I'm making is some game that has a very wide entrance, a very open entrance. Rather than making something very cinematic, [I plan to] make something very free."

Kojima may have been inspired by the success of similar open world games of the past, like many of Rockstar Games' titles, Skyrim, or even Arkham City. If the above screenshot is connected to the game, it looks like Project Ogre will have a war-oriented story. It would be a shame not to see Kojima's cinematic flair enter somewhere into the title (likely via cutscenes) since his statement sounds very committed to the open-world idea.

Furthermore, Kojima stated that players can expect to find upwards of 100 hours of gameplay in Project Ogre. Ambitious? Perhaps, but Hideo Kojima certainly is capable of producing enough content.

What do you think Project Ogre is?

Project Ogre has no set release date, but could be coming out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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Source: CNN [via VG 24/7]

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