Fans can watch the entire discussion between game designer Hideo Kojima, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, and games journalist Geoff Keighley at DICE 2016 right here.

Courtesy of the American entertainment outlet Variety, those who missed out on Hideo Kojima’s and Guillermo del Toro’s special address at the DICE 2016 Summit last week can now watch the full talk on YouTube. Although the chat is rather lengthy, clocking in at nearly 49 minutes, there’s plenty of witty banter, engaging discussions about the gaming industry, as well as some incredibly illuminating insights into both the Metal Gear Solid creator’s and Pan’s Labyrinth director’s creative process.

Straightforwardly dubbed “A Conversation with Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro”, and moderated by the president of Gameslice, Geoff Keighley, some of the most interesting bits of the conversation, of course, included the controversy involving Silent Hills‘ cancellation, and what it was like for both Kojima and del Toro to work with one another during that time. In fact, upon reminiscing about the now-defunct project, the renowned game designer and filmmaker appeared downright thrilled to simply be recalling all of their ideas during the title’s planning stages.

As seen in the video below at about the 30 minute mark, after describing the original intent of PT — short for Playable Teaser, and the demo for Silent Hills — as a diversion of sorts for the full game, del Toro even gave a tease of what could have been if the final product ever came to fruition, saying that what fans got to play was barely even close to what Kojima-san could do. Bearing that in mind, it’s important to note that we’ll likely never get to see any more from the duo’s take on the Silent Hill series, for not only does Konami own the rights to the horror franchise, but also, Kojima said he has no desire to make another PT and wants to focus on a brand new project instead.

Although Kojima’s and del Toro’s first venture together was marred by studio interference and ultimately nullified, the creators are determined to make a new game together, which seems distinctly possible soon enough. Now that Kojima heads up a fresh studio and has practically been given carte blanche by Sony to put together a PlayStation 4 exclusive game, it would be surprising if del Toro’s fingerprints didn’t show up somewhere in the release.

Also during DICE 2016, Kojima expressed interest in developing a horror-themed VR title, which would be right up his and del Toro’s alley considering the extremely unsettling work they put out with PT. However, with virtual reality gaming still in its nascent stages, Kojima probably won’t release a VR game any time soon, especially since he’s gone on record to say that the headsets like the Oculus Rift need some improvement.

At any rate, whatever kind of game Kojima goes on to release with his new team, it’s likely to be something totally adventurous, if not groundbreaking. With any luck, it’ll be a project that ends up wowing us all, and one that will allow Kojima to expand into a rich and sprawling franchise complete with ancillary anime and manga properties like he wants.

Source: Variety – YouTube (via GameSpot)