Hideo Kojima Reveals Death Stranding Trailer


Hideo Kojima takes the gaming world by surprise and joins Sony on stage at E3 to reveal his studio's new game, Death Stranding, and unveils the first cinematic trailer starring Norman Reedus.

Hideo Kojima is officially back. The legendary Metal Gear Solid creator has been hinting at the game that his new studio is working on, but nobody believed that we would actually learn the name of the game and get a trailer this early. Lucky for gamers, Kojima took the stage during Sony's presentation and surprised everyone.

Kojima made his grand return while the live orchestra blared one of the most iconic songs from Mad Max: Fury Road, but that scores appears to have nothing to do with the game he was announcing: Death Stranding. After explaining to the audience that it was great to be back, Kojima let the trailer roll and speak for itself.

Here's a look at the insane cinematic trailer...


Fans who were disappointed that Silent Hills got the axe will be happy to see that Kojima has been reunited with Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. In true Kojima fashion, the trailer is cryptic, emotional, and beautiful. Reedus' character wakes up naked and connected to a possibly dead baby. After crying over the baby for a moment, the child disappears and things get creepy.

The character follows baby footprints to a shore that is full of beached sea creatures. The world looks incredibly bleak and Reedus' character appears to be all alone with just the ghost of a child. The character is also sporting a pretty crazy scar along his abdomen. At this point, it appears that the game might be based in horror, but Kojima has hinted that the studio's first project would be more of a AAA action, Uncharted-type game. It's possible that Death Stranding is an action game, but it sure doesn't look like one at this point.

There's a ton to analyze and dissect in this cinematic reveal and we're sure it will all make a lot more sense over time. Until then, we'd like to know what you noticed in the trailer and if you spotted any hints about the game's plot. Let us know in the comments!

Death Stranding is currently in development for the PS4.

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