Hideo Kojima is Crunching to Finish Death Stranding

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Death Stranding developer Hideo Kojima reveals that he and his team at Kojima Productions are crunching to complete development on the game in time for its November release date. Crunching is a controversial video game development practice where developers work incredibly long hours and often get very little free time.

On Twitter earlier today, Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima promoted the game to his followers, saying that it has the element of something that has "never existed before." Kojima, who has also created a new game genre to talk about the game, revealed that the team is "trying our best" to get the game ready for its release date and that the developers are "still in crunch time of dev." While some fans were delighted to hear that the Kojima Productions team is putting its all into Death Stranding, others were dismayed that Kojima was glorifying the practice of crunch.

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Musician Gavin Dunne, a co-host of Jim Sterling game podcast Podquisition said that Kojima and the Death Stranding development team should take the time to create the game"healthily" and that fans are happy to wait to play the game. Another fan, named Jules, said that "crunch time is not a good time" and asked Kojima to "stop glorifying it" as fans "won't love you more for saying or doing that to your team." Many other fans of the developer's agreed, asking Kojima not to stress and to take care of himself.

Kojima may be feeling the pressure with Death Stranding. The game is the first release of his since he left Konami and Death Stranding is one of the most hotly anticipated games coming to PS4. In March, the developer revealed that the game is slightly behind schedule and so the crunch development may have begun as a way to live up to fan expectations and hit the release date with no delay.

However, fans seem to unanimously agree that no game is worth sacrificing the health and wellbeing of the Death Stranding team. Game developers have spoken about horrific crunch conditions where they developed health problems or were unable to see their families for extended periods of time and no one wants that for Kojima Productions. Nintendo delayed Animal Crossing: New Horizons to avoid crunch and many fans of Kojima's are hoping that he does the same for Death Stranding.

Death Stranding will launch on November 8, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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