Hide Your Cubs, Halo Invades Kinectimals

Halo Toys in Kinectimals

Kinect is what everybody has been talking about for the majority of the week, and who can blame them. The technology is exciting and it's actually quite a fun device, but the one problem people have been saying about the new motion camera is that it just doesn't have a killer game. Well, here's something that may turn you to the dark side -- Halo is on Kinect.

That's right, gamers will be able to take control of Halo's trademark Warthog, controller free! What's the catch? It's in the game Kinectimals. Sure, it's not exactly the Halo on Kinect gamers would have liked, but at least it's a sign that Microsoft hasn't forgotten about it's core audience. The Halo easter eggs that are inside the Kinectimals game are two of Halo's classic vehicles: the infamous Warthog and the ever-popular Ghost.

Both of these vehicles have to be unlocked by completing different challenges such as races and shooting gallery inspired sports. Once you've gone through the effort of unlocking them they can then be used whenever you want. You can bust out a Halo ride in any of the areas that you've unlocked in the map and drive it around so that it can interact with your curious cat companion. There are also racing events where you're cub will actually be able to hop on one of Halo's killing machines and race around a track, but don't hold your breathe because you can't get a splatter spree.

Halo in Kinectimals

While driving around in the Warthog you may notice that Microsoft went the extra mile and actually put in the Warthog's sound effects from the actual game and the same goes for the Ghost. This is an extremely nice touch that fans will surely appreciate, and something every Halo fan will go out of their way to unlock these. There is also one more Halo treat in Kinect's pet game, but for the time being nobody knows what it is. All that's known about the 3rd Halo toy is that it's pretty darn hard to unlock, which doesn't bode well for the mainstream audience that the game is aimed towards.

Seeing Halo appear in a game like Kinectimals is awesome and is reminiscent of the Mario Kart RC toys found in Nintendogs. There's no word on other Microsoft owned properties appearing in Kinectimals, but if we were able to choose Gears of War and Banjo-Kazooie wouldn't be a bad idea.

What do you think about the Halo easter eggs in Kinectimals? What do you hope the third toy is?

Source: Kotaku

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