10 Hidden Secrets Many Still Haven’t Found In Control

Considering Control takes place inside a top secret facility belonging to a federal organization dedicated to the investigation of the paranormal, there’s bound to be secrets. As the building transforms, reality decays, and nothing makes sense it’s only natural to believe that the walls are hiding things, waiting for the right player to find them.

Even though the game has only been out for a few days players are beginning to discover the secrets this game has to offer. There are a number of hidden areas that contain helpful resources for the player to find and exploit and a puzzle that still has players stumped.

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10 Hidden Logistics

This secret is found in the Containment Sector. Start in the Logistics Control Point and face the map of the United States up the small set of stairs. The ceiling off to the left has a square hole cut into the concrete.

Use levitate to float up into the room and you’ll find it’s a small office area with two item boxes that contain helpful goodies. It’s unclear why this office is there or why there’s a massive hole in the floor, but with a game like Control it’s not likely this will ever be explained.

9 Janitor’s Firebreak

This secret is found inside the Maintenance Sector which contains a few other secrets on this list. To find this one go to the Janitor’s Office and enter the door near the dartboard that leads to the tunnels. Following the tunnels you’ll encounter a doorway on your left that leads to a Firebreak.

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Levitate out and after turning all the way around you’ll see another doorway next to the one you came through a good distance away. Inside this doorway is the secret you’re wanting to find.

8 Unit 716 Secret

Inside the Containment Sector is a secret on the Upper Panopticon fourth floor. There’s a bridge that leads to the Fortified Unit 716 where you got your Levitate Ability. It’s in the area where you fought the tough fight against Salvador, so if you start feeling repressed anger you’re in the right spot.

Using levitate, follow the tunnel to the bright light, and once you’ve reached it you’ll have found the secret lying in Unit 716. It might make you feel a little better after the hassle you went through of taking out Salvador.

7 Lab 79

For this secret, you’ll need to be in the Research Sector, specifically at the top of the Central Research area. Once you’re by Dr. Darling’s office you’ll see a balcony above the entrance to his office. This next part requires a bit of finesse, so be prepared for a couple of tries.

Use Levitate to get as close to the balcony as you can and then Ground Slam the rest of the way. Once up there you’ll notice two more balconies. Rinse and repeat the same trick as before to get to the final balcony. Once there you’ll find Lab 79 and a helpful surprise inside.

6 Black Mold

Returning back to the Maintenance Sector you’ll want to head to the Quarry Entrance Control Point. Start heading into the eerie quarry and make a right as soon as you’re able. If you took the right path you’ll see a place you can go below floating rocks.

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Taking that path you’ll be led to a wall on your right-hand side comprised of big blocks. Use your levitate to go up and over and you’ll find yourself in a room crawling with mold.

5 Maintenance Pipes Secret

Yet another secret in the Maintenance Sector. For this one, you’ll want to take the elevator from Central Executive to the Maintenance Access Corridor. Outside of the elevator is a spot in the ceiling that some of the pipes feed into.

After levitating into this area, you need to follow the piping to a ledge where the secret is waiting. You’ll also discover a number of goodies on your way back out of this pipe maze so keep an eye out for things you can grab and loot.

4 Break Room Secret

For this one, you’ll go back to the Maintenance Sector where the Janitor’s Office is located. This is the area you received the Evade ability. In the same room is a hole in the ceiling that you’ll need to use Levitate to access.

Entering this hole will take you to the Astral Plane with a series of floating platforms you need to dodge. Don’t rush by them too quickly, though, as many of those moving platforms will have item boxes on them you can loot, which is why you're here. Follow the light and you’ll end up back in the break room, completing this secret area.

3 Transit Corridor Room

In the Containment Sector is a secret hidden in the South Transit Corridor. Start moving south in the direction of the New York City Subway sign. Pay attention to the wall as you go and you’ll see a window randomly set in the concrete wall.

Levitate up to this mysterious window and break through the glass into a secret office room. It’s not very big, but definitely worth the peek.

2 Luck & Probability

This is probably one of the more complicated secret puzzles in the game, at least so far, and worth the headache. In the Research Sector is a room that requires Level 5 security clearance to access. Once you obtain that security clearance go inside and you’ll be presented with quite the brain teaser.

You’ll want a guide to understand the test and the steps you need to take to help raise your odds of successfully passing the test. Even with all the right steps it’s still down to chance and odd things happen if you fail, but winning yields resources, ability points, and the Golden Suit.

1 Furnace Puzzle

Throughout your explorations, you’ll come across a number of TVs near the furnace of the Oldest Building. The TVs all display a burning furnace and seem to serve no purpose whatsoever. It turns out these TVs, seven in total, are parts of a puzzle that according to fans has randomized results and may not be fully solved yet.

These TVs will magically teleport back to their original position each time you move them, unless you throw them inside the furnace. After chucking six into the flames you’ll spawn some enemies, or resources, or a weapon mod, or a collectible. The reason this puzzle may still be open-ended is because the seventh TV can’t be thrown into the furnace but possesses the same teleportation ability as the others. If you want to tackle this brain teaser pull up a guide and get to work.

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