Hidden Room in Arkham Asylum May Reveal Secrets about Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

As someone who collected everything in Batman: Arkham Asylum, I can tell you developer Rocksteady Studios put a ton of content into their game. It wasn’t just the rich story or the surprisingly fresh combination of stealth and action combat that made the game so great, it was the attention to detail. Very rarely in a game have I found myself slowly traversing every corridor with my thumb constantly swinging the camera around the room trying to pick up every dense morsel.

With the follow up to Arkham Asylum, newly titled Arkham City, on its way, many are speculating what elements of the rich Batman universe will be explored. Will we perhaps see the boy wonder join forces with the Dark Knight to give us some kick-ass coop combat? Will we see a Mr. Freeze that isn’t on his way to becoming California’s next governor? Only time will tell at this point. Unfortunately that time is longer than we initially thought we were going to have to wait.

But there is a silver lining for us gamers to hold on to. Rocksteady Studios revealed in a podcast recorded for their Game of the Year edition of Arkham Asylum that there is a secret not many gamers, even those who completed it 100%, have found. Within the office of Warden Quincy Sharp is an extremely secret room containing a map with the blueprints of Arkham City.  Not much can be gleaned from looking at the map, just a basic layout of the city itself, but Maybe those gamers who moonlight as P.I.s might be able to decode some secrets. I am having no luck.  A helpful guide to finding the room can be found on Game Informer, for those interested.

In that same podcast, Rocksteady’s lead narrative designer Paul Crocker had some positive words that suggested Arkham City will reward my hours of constant meandering.

“What I think people are really going to enjoy is not just how Arkham Asylum led to Arkham City, but also how the story in Arkham City sheds new light on the events you saw in Arkham Asylum.”

I am way past excited for this game and I can’t wait to see a trailer with some actual gameplay in it. But until that day, just knowing that Rocksteady is going to make a rewarding experience is all the reason for excitement I need.

How do you feel, Ranters? Are you ready to don the cape once more? Will you go back and find Quincy Sharp’s secret room to see the map for yourself? Let us know.

You too can switch on your detective vision when Batman: Arkham City is released sometime next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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