Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed

You would be hard-pressed to find a video game that is more immersive and as layered as Grand Theft Auto V. It was released in 2013, which is about six years ago, yet it is still consistently among the most purchased and most played games in the world. There are even still fresh downloadable content packs coming out.

One reason for the game's continued popularity is the wide array of side quests a player can go on. Beyond the main story and the hours of play with the game's online community lies a world filled with so much to do. There are still new things being discovered by gamers today. So we've taken a look and selected 10 of those side quests that most people will be surprised to find exist.

10 Nuclear Waste

An area of Grand Theft Auto V that can often go overlooked is underwater. That's understandable because it can be difficult to navigate under there and it's so vast that it can become time-consuming. However, there's a pretty cool side mission to be found there with the use of a helpful submarine.

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After completing the mission "The Merryweather Heist," an option becomes available to purchase the Sonar Collections Dock. With the property comes a submarine. Once you have it, you can begin to search for the 30 nuclear waste barrels spread out around the shores of the city. The search is done through the Trackify app and each barrel earns you $23,000. Getting them all nets the player $250,000, which is a pretty penny.

9 The Hangover

It's hard to imagine since the game is still so relevant today, but when Grand Theft Auto V came out, The Hangover franchise was still fresh. So it makes sense that something relating to those movies was included in the game. There's a point where you will come across a man in his underwear tied up to a lamp pole.

Upon further investigation, you discover that the scene is the aftermath of a bachelor party that went south. Thankfully, you can help this poor guy get to his wedding just in the nick of time. It's basically a scene right out of The Hangover. The reaction when he arrives is great and if you decided to, you can always end his suffering before he says, "I do."

8 Armored Truck Robberies

Maybe the idea of hunting for items underwater or going to a wedding doesn't appeal to you. Maybe you're a gamer who loves action. Rockstar made sure there was plenty of stuff to do around Los Santos. For example, whenever you spot an armored truck driving by, you can actually rob it. You don't need to be on a real mission to pull off something like this.

All you need are some explosives because that's what it takes to blow off the doors on the back of the truck. From there, it's a fight against the guards who aren't going to go down without a fight. Once they're dispatched of, the money is yours. Consider this an exciting way to earn some extra cash around the city.

7 Cannibals

There can often be a sense of creepy in the world of Grand Theft Auto V. That mainly comes when you start to explore the deeper sections of the map. The stuff that isn't part of your daily routine. Once the "Nervous Ron" mission is completed by Trevor, it opens up one wild ride of a side mission far from civilization.

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A cult out in Blaine County is looking for "lost souls" in exchange for money and you get a text to help out. When you do, you take random NPCs out to these guys, only to find out that they're cannibals. After four offerings, the cult turns on you and you have to fight your way to safety. Not only is the escape thrilling, but you can pick up briefcases containing $25,000 each along the way.

6 Space Vehicle

This is one that a lot of players still are unaware of. Everyone knows that there are all sorts of vehicles available in the game, but the Space Docker might be the coolest. It's certainly the wackiest. The real kicker is that it takes a while to get everything needed so the car can become a reality.

The journey begins during the "Far Out" Strangers and Freaks mission you'll find when you play as Franklin and run into Omega. He says that he was abducted by aliens. From there, you start a search for 50 spaceship parts. When you retrieve all of them, Omega uses them to create the Space Docker. Best of all, you get to keep it!

5 Alien Fight

Sticking with the space theme, we move onto one of the strangest things that can happen in Grand Theft Auto V. In this situation, instead of fighting fellow criminals or police officers, you do battle with aliens. The mission must be triggered by Michael, who can find an activist named Barry around Park Square in the downtown area of the game.

Barry convinces you to take some hits of his joint and it sends Michael on a wild acid trip. The nightmarish visions feature a bunch of aliens that spawn from out of nowhere. To make it fun, you get equipped with a minigun and unlimited ammo. That means it's a war between the player and these aliens and it's wildly imaginative.

4 Join A Cult

There is a bit of everything in Grand Theft Auto V. That includes cults. To gain access to this side mission, you must play as Michael and surf the web. Heading to the Epsilon Program's website, you take a pretty quick survey. It seems harmless enough. But once you do, a question mark icon appears on your map.

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That marker triggers the first of eight missions relating to the Epsilon Program. They're quite fun as this cult practices stealing cars and running through the desert. There's the hitch that you end up donating over $75,000 to them during these missions. Patience is key though, as the final mission tasks you with delivering a car containing $2 million to another cult member. You can simply escape with the money and find yourself a whole lot richer.

3 Murder Mystery

In this game, you can play a cop, taxi driver, business owner, and a whole bunch of other things. But you probably didn't know you could help solve a murder. Following the mission "Repossession," each of the characters can start collecting letter scrapes located across the map. It works similar to the spaceship parts mentioned earlier.

The 50 letters combine to help the player find out about the murder of someone named Leonora Johnson. Franklin reads the letter and it points you in the direction of the killer, Peter Dreyfuss. While there's no reward for it, the player can go to Peter's home in Vinewood and confront him about what he did.

2 Thelma And Louise

While this technically doesn't count as a mission, it is something really cool. Towards the north part of the map around Raton Canyon, something special happens. Each day, between 7 PM and 8 PM, a convertible carrying two women with guitars and a sombrero in the backseat flies off of a cliff as cops give chase.

It's exactly the scene at the end of Thelma and Louise. While the inclusion is just an easter egg, you can actually save them. With access to a helicopter or just the ability to be really quick, you can block their path. It saves their lives, but the ladies are far from grateful for it.

1 Hunt Sasquatch

This mission is so rare that it takes a 100% completion mark to access it. Playing as Franklin, this mission is known as "The Last One." A question mark will appear on the map somewhere in Raton Canyon. There, you engage with the sasquatch hunter and he recruits you to help him find the beast.

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From there, you get to literally hunt sasquatch. That's extra cool because it stems from a famous rumor in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that sasquatch was somewhere on the map. It actually doesn't take too long to find sasquatch in this mission. When you do, you're in for a great surprise ending that we won't spoil here.

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