10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed In Monster Hunter: World

Throughout the Monster Hunter series, the developers at Capcom have included secrets areas in the worlds they created that are either very hard to find or require an extreme level of luck. Many fans believe they’ve done the same with Monster Hunter: World and that there are numerous secrets yet to be found by the community.

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That being said, there are some areas that fans have discovered through cooperative efforts, repetitive play, and exploration. By no means will these be the only secrets, but it’s enough to keep you busy until more are revealed.

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10 Wildspire Mountaintop

The Wildspire Waste is a massive desert dotted with the occasional swamp. Some of the fiercest monsters in the game call this area home. It also has an interesting secret for those brave enough to look for it.

Near the oasis where the Rathian lives is an oasis. In that area is a secret passage that leads to the very top of the mountain where a bunch of Blissbills have taken up residence on the mountaintop. It’s a great hidden area to find a great pet for your collection.

9 Tree Trunk Camp

In the Ancient Forest, you'll find one of many hidden camps that many players haven't noticed. Those bold enough to venture through this sprawl of giant trees and creeping vines will find a boulder covered in vines in sector 8.

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Climbing up, eagled eyed players will see a small space they can crawl through that leads to the Tree Trunk camp. It has some iron ore and an ancient bone and is a neat little area to explore.

8 Treetop Camp

Getting to this hidden area requires that you start in sector 16 where the Rathalos nest is in the Ancient Forest. There’s a little crawlspace to the left of the open vista view you can crawl through. Walking along the tree branches you’ll come across a few paths leading to different areas, you’ll want to go right, then left, then left again.

It’s a simple camp hidden in the giant trees and contains an Anjanath Pelt and two large monster bones. This camp has a great view and the loot isn’t half bad, that is if you can successfully kill the fierce Rathalos which is considered one of the harder beasts to kill in the game.

7 Mesa Cavern Camp

This hidden area is another place found in the Wildspire Waste. The funny thing about this camp is that it’s in such a central location that many players will have passed by it repeatedly without ever knowing it was there.

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In sector 6 starting in the dead center you want to jump off the mesa and head south southeast. Pay attention to the right hand wall of the ravine as you travel south and you’ll notice a little cavern. Dropping in you’ll see a small camp with a fish pond nestled inside the mesa.

6 Diablos Camp

This camp is found in sector 8 of the Wildspire waste. Go to the base of a monolithic rock formation standing proud in the middle of the desert. At the base of that tall spire is an herb and just behind that herb is a small cave leading down.

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At the bottom of that cave, which is quite the drop, is a cavern full of old bones and the hidden camp. This camp is one of the better looking camps in the entire game and has the awesome perk of being located mere feet from Diablos’s lair, which is great for farming.

5 Rathian Nest Gate

This one is similar to the mountaintop area found in Wildspire Waste, but it doesn’t require you to climb a mountain. While fighting the Rathian some players noticed that the beast can attack the mountain located behind it’s nest and cause a massive flood.

After defeating the Rathian players can explore a previously hidden passage that leads behind the mountain where they can scoop up some resources. There’s no camp or anything, but it’s a neat little harvesting spot hidden from view until players kill the Rathian.

4 Coral Highlands Expedition Camp

This camp found in the Coral Highlands sector 12 is uncovered through the quests in the game, but contains a special perk many have not realized. This has remained hidden for most fans. It's found during the original expedition in the Coral Highlands, but what many players have failed to do is recover the desired resources and deliver them to the expedition team.

This camp is where those resources are located, making it the most obvious secret in the game and one few players have thought of.

3 Crystal Caves Camp

Finding this difficult secret requires you to start at the Elder’s Recess camp in sector 1. Head northeast from the camp and immediately slide into the crystal cavern off to the left. In that cavern are two sets of climbing areas.

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At the top you’ll see a hanging plant to your right with a little crawlspace leading back into the crystal caves. On the other side you’ll be inside the camp surrounded by large crystals making it one of the better looking camps in the game.

2 Nergigante Camp

This hidden camp requires you to have killed Nergigante and it’s easier to find if you found the Crystal Caves Camp already. Head back through the crawlspace and go up the climbable wall directly in front of it. You’ll find a path leading to a steep cliff, go ahead and swan dive off the cliff into a large rocky plain.

There’s a cavern with dark crystals jutting out that only exists if Nergigante is dead. Left from where he usually sits is a crystal crawlspace behind a herb. Turning right inside the cave brings you to the camp. Some fans have said you can also get here via the Gajalaka tunnels.

1 Bone Drop

This hidden area resembles the hidden areas that occurred in previous games, where random chance would dump the player into a unique area. Sometimes when starting in the Coral Highlands the player will find themselves on a giant rock.

What’s nice about this hidden area is that the rock is covered with bone piles, which is handy for resource gathering. There is no way to climb up here and once the player jumps down it’s impossible to return unless they’re randomly dumped back on top.

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